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Ready for Fishing Over the Fourth

Jul 01, 2014

The weather has cooperated enough to get a little bit of work done in the last few weeks.  One of the objectives for the renovation work is to accommodate multiple public uses where possible.  The completion of this related work on Pool 1 is setting up nicely for the 4th of July weekend.

Completed Jobs

  • The two southern boat ramps have been redone and now have a courtesy dock to help with the ease of trailering your boat.


  • If you don’t have a boat, but still want to fish out in the pool you can now use two new fishing docks, which extend 40 feet off of the bank.


  • Finally, the American lotus has been treated in places across Pool 1 so in a couple weeks it should have died back and be easier to get your line in the water.

There have been some nice stringers of fish lately.  Enjoy this 4th of July weekend and good luck fishing. 


New Fishing Docks on Pool 1
New Fishing Docks on Pool 1
The two new floating fishing docks on Pool 1 provide handicap access over the water.


floating fishing dock
Over the Water
The two new floating fishing docks extend 40 feet from Pool 1’s bank line.


Boat Ramp
Southern Boat Ramps Now Open
The two southern boat ramps on Duck Creek have been redone and now include an adjacent courtesy dock.


As a follow up to the Pool 1 fishing access question, the southwest corner is very open.  The east central section near the ramp is still very open from last year's submergent treatment. Some areas along the perimeter borrows are also open enough for boating.   Treated boat lanes are dead or dying.  It should be another week or so before vegetation sinks enough for open water. Bluegill anglers have been taking fish under/near floating vegetation.  Boats can access many areas of the lake by paying attention and avoiding the submerged vegetation beds and moving around the floating leaved species.  I hope this helps.  Good luck fishing.

Sounds like you were in the right spot.  The challenge of plants in Pool 1 is a blessing and a curse.  Fishing Pool 1 takes a different approach than if you were fishing on a lake without any vegetation.  Part of the reason we have a healthy fish population in this shallow lake is because of the aquatic plant life, but no doubt, it can be frustrating at times.  This summer we treated 75 acres to knock back the emerging plants, primarily the American lotus.  Over the last few weeks these plants have begun to die back.  As you noted, this application did not affect the vegetation under the water.  This requires a separate kind of treatment to affect the submergent species.  Last week we treated the submerged plants around the fishing docks.  It also takes time for these applications to take effect, but the impact is starting to show.  Another consideration that we have to make is that decaying plants lower the dissolved oxygen so we try not to do too much at one particular time.  These are some of the challenges and the balancing act that occurs every growing season as we try to provide fishing access on Pool 1.  Sorry, to hear you struck out on your first trip.  Hopefully, you’ll be back and have better success on your next outing.

I visited Duck Creek July 15th to try fishing for bluegills and found the lake mostly unfishable. Even the new fishing docks were completely surrounded by moss/vegetation. I was told by a friend that the lake had been treated to eliminate most of the vegetation but could not find any open areas. Was I fishing in the wrong area? How many acres of the 1800 acre pool was treated? Look forward to your response.....thank you!

Since the renovation in Units A and B, we’ve provided a boat for Pool 18 because it is in the interior of the area and is only accessed through the distribution channel or by walking up the levee. 

Are there boats available for units A and B?

Don't waste your energy putting blinds back in A and B units. You guys work hard at building and maintaining the blinds you have. Not to mention the time spent before the season brushing them up only to have yahoos go out and hunt them and within 3 days have all the brush tore off of the openings. Most of the old blinds in A unit just became a spot the birds avoided. There are plent of blinds to hunt out of at Duck Creek and you guys have enough on your plates as it is.

Thanks so much Frank for your response about the Flycatcher. So glad i was fortunate enough to observe this beautiful and unique bird.

You are correct in your ID. You have been seeing a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher.  We’ve had a least one pair hanging around Pool 1 the last couple of years and potentially nesting.  It is kind of unusual because its range is typically further to the west and prefers grasslands with scattered trees where it forages on bugs.  However, you can kind of see that Pool 1 just might work in pinch as an alternate habitat on the edge of its range.  The scattered cypress trees can work for perching and there are plenty of bugs to pick off of the emergent vegetation.  They are definitely unique and fascinating birds to watch, glad you’ve been able to spot it. 

The reconstruction and replacement of the blinds in Pools 2 and 3 took about 2 weeks per blind last year. Due to the reconfiguration of Units A and B, putting a blind or two back in wouldn’t simply mean slapping some boards together and putting them back in the same spots. The summer is a busy time for our staff. I’m shooting straight when I say there are a lot of things we’d like to get done this summer and a couple blinds in Units A and B are on the radar. However, I’m also trying to be realistic in what can be expected for this fall. 

Hello Frank Back earlier in the spring, i noticed an unusual bird i 'd never seen before. Then on another trip on Memorial weekend, i spotted another. After doing some research,the closest thing i could find resembling the bird was a Scissor-Tail Flycatcher, i was wondering if any of your staff have seen any,and if so, could that be possibly what i seen ?

Could you put some reflective tape on the uprights of the boat ramp courtesy docks please. This would make them easier to see when backing down the ramp at night. Thank you

How many days did it take to rebuild Blind J1 in pool 2J

Glad to hear the new boat ramps are being used.  I know exactly what you are talking about with the placement of the curb.  One of those unsuspecting design elements that crops up once it is put on the ground. We’ll look into resolving that issue. Thanks.

This summer we are focusing on getting Greenbrier on the ground and trying to get things lined up for the next summer.  Unfortunately, I don’t foresee blinds happening in Units A and B this summer. 

An update on duck banding will happen in September.  We monitored nests this spring and into the summer.  I haven’t seen any preliminary numbers, but do know that this spring we saw the Hoodies continue to increase when compared to the Woodies.  We are also currently doing some trapping of wood ducks on Pool 1 this summer.  Once we’ve got things wrapped up, we’ll give you a report on how we did.

Is it possible to widen the road at the southwest ramp or take a small part of the concrete curb out ? Launching on the new boat ramps is great and the dock is very handy. But when you pull up the ramp after loading our front tires go off the road and the boat trailer tire "jumps" the curb. Even after trying to back down and try a different angle I still couldn't clear the curb without the trailer hitting it.

Will A and or B unit receive a couple of Blinds this year? Previous comments in earlier blogs stated at least a couple would be replaced.

Off topic but do you have any news on the wood duck hatch this year? Was any banding done?

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