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Sep 13, 2012

Similar to the recent NFL preseason, over the last few weeks at Duck Creek we’ve been disappointed by the lack of development in some situations, but pleasantly surprised by the glimmer of potential in others. Here are some quick hits of what’s going on:

Outcome from the rainfall

The rainfall from Isaac and the storms the last week helped saturate the soil. In Units A and B we were able to fill our scours and increase soil moisture, which will definitely give the vegetation a leg-up. Unfortunately, the rain did not contribute to a significant amount of recharge in Pool 1. It gained only two tenths and the water level remains low at 343.4 feet. We will need a series of wet weeks to improve this situation.

Teal Season Turnout

However, the rain did knock the dust off the drought and improved habitat conditions for the teal season opener. We had 56 hunters harvest 120 teal on Duck Creek over the weekend. Hopefully, this early scrimmage allows folks to sharpen their skills for the upcoming regular season.

Preseason Prepwork

We’ve previewed the habitat conditions and the moist soil vegetation is looking decent considering the lack of water control this year. The ducks will primarily be dining on a course of smartweed followed by chufa, sprangletop, millet, and toothcup. A side item to the main course will be the bevy of bugs found in the saturated salad. Also on the plate, despite the harsh summer conditions, will be corn on the cob and Japanese millet from our scattered food plots. With the grub in place, we’ve begun to set the training table by disking openings across Units A and B. This will help start the decomposition process and allow us to start showing some water once it comes time to flood. We’ve also begun to put some rock down on the roads and get the parking lots into shape.

Contractual Agreements

What preseason would be complete without a couple of hold-outs? It’s been a while since the contractors have been on site, but they have been getting their reps in this week. Like any fan of the game I’m anxious to see how it will all come together, but we’ve got to let the individual assignments or X’s and O’s work themselves out between the engineer and the contractor. If I had a completion date that I was confident in, it would have been August 1. Like most NFL contract stories, it’s good to have them back on the field.

Well, after a delayed snap count it looks like the blitz is on so buckle up your chin-strap and we’ll see what happens next. I hope you’ve enjoyed these quick hits from Duck Creek.


Flooded slough with vegetation
Flooded Slough With Vegetation
Over the last two weeks the rain has been enough to saturate the soil and recharge our scoured sloughs.


What's the latest update since the rains we just recieved? Were you able to capture anymore into the lake?

Please allow bow hunters to park on the south & south west side of pool 3 if you keep the road open and flood or dont flood it. I see gravel 2/3 of the way around. We really don't bother any body. Please

As I mentioned in the opening of this blog, the lack of development in several situations is disappointing. The water level in Pool 1 is low. During the first week of November we’ll assess the situation and determine how much water can be utilized for flooding our green tree reservoirs. Pool 2 is the first priority followed by Pool 3. We have to keep water levels above 342.5 for the fishery so our decision will depend on how much the pool continues to drop or if we are able to recharge it between now and then. With the uncertainty of Pool 1 and unresolved nature of the contract work it has been difficult to predict how many positions we will be able to provide come opening day. Odds are that both situations will improve with time so we staggered our reservations likewise. We have allocated 7 daily reservations beginning on December 1st and bumped it up to 10 positions by Decemeber 15th. This allows us freedom to get more people out in the marsh through the poor-line if the opportunity presents itself, but doesn’t over estimate positions if conditions do not improve. Trust me we’d love get folks out in the field if at all possible. Hunter support is what created the department and drives it still today. I hope that I was able to answer your questions. Thanks again for your commitment and concern about the resource.

I've got about 60 teals on my pond on my farm.

just like the rest of mdc lad,mdc does not want you to kill ducks,duck creek has been a train wreck for 10 years

I would hate to be a duck on opening weekend. Some of the comments being left on here "get the water flowing", "who is to blame", we deserve, we demand, etc etc etc. Duck Creek is working to make this place better !!! Get off their backs !!!!! If you all haven't dealt with contractors before, then you have no idea what they are going thru. Any duck within normal gun range will be shot at out of frustration by some of you. Skybusting season will be terrible I'm afraid.

I like football but this is a conservation area! It's too late for excuses, get the water flowing in Units A and B. I am not sure who is to blame and do not care at this point. We deserve opportunities to hunt at normal water levels.

By September 13th the area managers need to know how many reservations they were going to allow this season. I was curious how many Duck Creek was going to allow? Thanks, this blog was great. post!

You guys seem to be not in good shape for this season unless you guys get units A and B flooded. What about pools 2 and 3? Are they going to be flooded?

I honestly don’t know.  Like I said if you would have asked me several months ago, I thought we would have been operational by August 1st.  We’d love to have some ground flooded in Units A and B by waterfowl season so we’ll definitely be working towards that goal. At this point, the only 2 spots that we can guarantee to flood are Fish ponds and Field 1 by Kinder. I wish I could give you more certainty than that, but we’ll continue to keep you up to date.  

will something be flooded for season?

Sounds great! I can't wait to try out the improved area! Thanks for all the work you guys do INCLUDING this blog to help us keep up with what's happening.

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