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Pool 1: Upcoming Partial Day Closure, June 18th Update

May 28, 2014


We wanted to let folks know that Pool 1 on Duck Creek will be closed to fishing for one partial day, which has yet to be determined, from first light of day until the completion of the job.

 June 18th, 2014 UPDATE:

With summer heat and clear skies it appears that our window for treatment is beginning to open up. 

The window for application is between June 30-July 3rd or July 7-11th.

The tentative date is currently Tuesday, July 1st, that we are shooting to have partial closure of the lake.

Good luck fishing in the mean time. Thanks for your support.

What will be done:

On this day herbicide will be applied by helicopter to certain sections of the pool. We are spraying glyphosate, which is the same chemical as Roundup®, to reduce lotus, lilies, spatterdock, and dollarpads in a safe and approved aquatic formulation. It is non-toxic to fish, animals, and humans. Access to Pool 1 will be closed during the application.  The following result will provide areas of open water for fishing access within the pool. 

Determining factors:

Weather conditions will determine which day is chosen for the application.

If you have further questions call 573-222-3337.

Thank you.



Photo shows American lotus flower pod at Duck Creek CA
American Lotus Seedpod


Yes, it has dried enough to begin planting food plots in Units A and B, although recent rains have halted our progress for the remainder of this week. We'll continue as much as possible when and where we can.

As of June 25th Has A and B unit and Pool 2 dried out enough to plant ANY food plots (corn, etc...)?


Will the wade and shoot Pool 8 be opened for waterfowl season this year? Water permiting!

No problem. Have a good Father’s Day Weekend.

Just thought I would ask.....not as young as I used to!!

You are right. It does take a little extra work to hunt at Dark Cypress.  This property was enrolled in WRP prior to being acquired by MDC so public access was not part of the design. In terms of the Dark Cypress and the renovation, we were focusing on older portions of the area that had maintenance issues, wetland management challenges, or previously hadn’t had any wetland development. We have had previous discussions about your recommendation and may consider it if the opportunity presents itself.  However, at this time Dark Cypress will be left as it is and can be enjoyed by those that want to put in a little extra work. 

This may be a little off subject but does have to do with renovations. What are the chances of getting a small drift boat access to the West Pool in the Dark Cypress? The access to the pools over there should be more accessible if they are going to be put into a draw system. Just my opinion....Thanks!!

The contract for the office hasn't been finalized yet. The contract work with the boat ramps is still underway. We'll have a post when they are open. In terms of the amount of rain received lately, Duck Creek has received 2 inches.

How much rain have you received from the recent storms? Are the southeast or southwest launch ramps open yet?

Frank, just curious about the progress of the conservation office. Can you comment and maybe show a few pictures. Thanks for all you and the others do at Duck Creek.

The work at Greenbrier will be shallow water, mostly under 2 feet in depth.  The first field located just north of highway C is shaped like a bowl so we will be using the natural high ground as the “levees”.  We will have a channel from the parking lot to try and help facilitate access with a shallow draft boat. We’ll put up some images up closer to this upcoming waterfowl season so we don’t have to double post info. 

In the future Greenbriar unit can you tell us what the projected water depth will be at full pool (Not overflowing your levy system)? Will the use of a boat be necessary?

Nothing firm.  Once we do we'll put it up here. 

Do you have any days scheduled for spraying the lilypads yet?

The work at the Greenbrier Unit will focus on enhancing wetland features to capture water out of the hills or retain some flooded habitat after the Castor River crests.  By filling in some of the ditches and restoring some microtopography we will be able to provide some additional shallow water habitat that waterfowl will be able to use in the fall and spring. 

What are the plans for the greenbrier unit? Are the renovations being done in hopes of attracting waterfowl?

Many of our managed public wetlands are located in flood prone areas either adjacent to major rivers or in very low wet locations basins.  In our neck of the woods we have to deal with flooding of the Castor River and the low elevations of the Mingo basin. Most agricultural ground dries out faster than places like Duck Creek and may not be subjected to the frequency and duration of flooding.  Odds are pretty good that the crop report will always be ahead of Duck Creek.  Last month we had just planted 24 acres of sunflowers on some of the higher and drier ground.  Then 10 inches of rain fell within 2 weeks, sending a pulse of water back across Duck Creek and Dark Cypress.  This restarted the whole draw down process again.  The subsequent warmer temperatures have been helping dry things out, but we aren’t there yet.  The wet weather hasn’t helped dry things out at Greenbrier either, but we didn’t expect work to begin there until June or July due to the wetness of the site as well. The contractors are finishing up the boat docks in the next couple of weeks. Then they will focus their efforts at Greenbrier if conditions allow.

According to the local paper Missouri farmers have planted 97% of this years corn crop. Has there been any progress on the corn food plots at duck creek and dark cypress? Any updates on the greenbriar project?

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