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Moving in the Right Direction: Units A and B

Oct 16, 2012

We’ve made some steps in the right direction. Stop logs are in place and water is flowing from the wells in Units A and B. Over the next few weeks we will be flooding the reconfigured pools to add some waterfowl habitat and hunting positions. At this time, we are unsure of exactly how many positions we’ll have flooded by the opener, but this development significantly improves our situation. Additionally, several inches of rain will also improve conditions across the area. In two weeks we’ll have a much better idea about the number of spots on the west side of the area and will also be assessing the water levels in Pool 1 to flood blind openings in Pool 2 on the east side of Duck Creek. Thank you for your patience and apologize for the heartburn that the early two projected hunting spots caused. Things are looking up and I am glad we’ll be able to improve the amount of hunting opportunity by November 3rd.


Wells are operational
Wells Are Operational
The wells in Units A and B are now operational and will be used to flood the newly configured pools for the 2012 waterfowl season.


I don't believe that there are too many refuges in the area. Look at Bob Brown CA and Squaw Creek NWR. Bob Brown kills plenty of ducks with that refuge in the area. The ducks will learn what is safe and whats not. They need a reason to go to the hunting pools i.e. place the majority of food in the hunting pools. Leave the big lakes like Pool 1 just for the duck. The more ducks you hold the better the hunting will be.

Can you tell us which positions were available in Unit A and B over the weekend? How many birds were taken in each position for each day? Do you guys have your kill chart ready for this season?

We had 12 positions for the youth this weekend.  We plan to keep the wells running and continue to flood as much as we can.  With time we will be able to add positions.  We'll have a post up by Wednesday with more details about the area's status.

Any idea how many spots will be available for opening day?

Bandtaker they finished the road around Pool 3, and they did a nice job on it, they made it wider then Highway 51.

Any improvements on the road west of pool 3? Will we be able to use that road this year? Any chance of putting a parking area and footbridge about 1/2 way down that road?

Just over 1 week til duck season opens. Any idea how many positions will be ready for opening day?

Very dissapointed that Unit B will also close at 1:00 PM. I also think the birds already have a sufficient amount of "Rest Areas/Refuges"!!! Would you consider allowing all day hunting during the last 1/2 of the duck season? Will the area also close at 1:00 PM during the Canada Goose Season? Do you know how many positions will be open for the youth hunt?

Whats the regs on pool 1 this year, is it all refuge, or the south still huntable. This area is getting too many "rest areas", I believe the ducks will learn what areas are closed and stay there, just like Mingo they flood tons of land and then dont allow any hunting on that land, that is why Duck Creeks bird numbers are always low and Mingo is high.

All of hunting positions in unit A and B will close at 1pm this year.  We want to keep the regs as simple as we can by closing all our "open marsh units" at the same time and keeping Pools 2 and 3 open till dark as we have traditionally.  We are hopeful that the expanded and more dependable habitat in Unit B will benefit from letting it rest in the afternoons.  

Not at this point, but we’re trying to schedule it so that we can get some aerial photographs before the season opener.  If we do get some, I’ll post a few to the blog.

Do you have any recent aerial photos of the new Unit A and B that you could share with us?

All day hunting will continue to be allowed in Pools 2 and 3.  We are still discussing Unit B.  We will provide boats in a few of the Unit A and B positions.  However, the boats that we typically provide are too big and cumbersome for several of the shallow units that make up most of the new Unit A/B.  Very small Jon boats or layout boats will be best suited for these units.   Pool 1 continues to loose water and is wihin a couple of tenths of a foot from being too low for us to take any water out of it for Pools 2 and 3.  We have not determined how many spots will be available for the youth hunt, but we will have a few spots out in Unit A and B to hunt.  Unfortunately we will not have any blinds available for the kids.  Hopefully we can get some major rain and a nice cold front to push us some ducks before the season opens!  That's not asking for too much is it?

How many positions will be open for the youth hunt?

Will all day hunting still be allowed in Pools 2 and 3 and Unit B? Will boats still be available to use in Units A and B? Season will be here before you know it and it would be nice to know if I will need to haul my boat!!! What is the current lake level?

Will all day hunting still be allowed in unit B, and Pools 2 and 3????? No GOOD reason to stop or change that rule!!!

what about the jon boats?? they still going to be available

Roy, I can oblige you today because I just got done putting in Matt’s numbers myself.  However, for the sake of minimizing duplicating efforts through the rest of the season, next week you’ll be able to find the most recent waterfowl numbers either on the Missouri Waterfowl and Habitat Survey or the Waterfowl Harvest and Hunting Updates webpages.  This week’s Duck Creek count had 1,880 ducks, primarily ring-necks (73%), followed by gadwall (11%), teal (9%), pintail (5%), and mallards closing out the final percentages (2%).

Matt B- Could we get that latest ground count that you did on the 18th? Thanks.

It would be much appreciated if you do stick some blinds back out in Unit A and B. I understand waiting a couple years. I have a 6 year old I would like to take out on some of the nicer days, and I can't do that in a strictly wade and shoot area. I like the option of being able to make a choice to either hunt the blind, or wade and shoot the pool I am hunting.

Yes I also would like to know if boats will be provided for use in A and B Units?And if the answer is no why not? What is being done with the boats in storage? Will Pools 2 and 3 have boats for public use?

will u still have your boats available in unit at, i have a 10 yr old that goes with me, not yet big enough for wading

Thanks! I really like hunting Duck Creek and in the past have shot a lot of shovelors and ringnecks out of the A Pool.

In our August, hunting post we shared with you a pdf illustrating the distribution of hunting positions.  Most of these positions are separated by levees, which is a natural boundary.  Several like 13, 8, 10, and 11 don’t have levees in the center, but we will have signs within the unit marking this interior boundary.  Most positions will have direct access to water from the parking lots, either directly within the pool or from the distribution channel. I believe 53 is one of the only ones that will take a little extra work, but the other’s should be good.

Has it been decided how hunting positions will be sectioned off and marked in Units A and B, And will parking areas be close enough to the water for launching a layout boat ??

Darin we have 6 pumps to fill Units A and B.  Our last ground count was less that 1000 birds on Duck Creek, but I am headed out now to do a new count for this week.  As far as hiding in Unit A/B that is going to be a challenge this year due to the lack of robust moist-soil vegetation.  In the future we expect to have a better stand of vegetation along with some clumps of willows scattered throughout the unit to help folks hide.  As far as boats go, the water will not be as deep as it has been in the past.  I would recommend smaller boats and small portable blinds.

I was wondering since there are no pits in unit A and B, what is going to be the best way to hunt them. Is there brush to hide in or will you need a boat with a blind on it? Thanks again for all you guys do.

Matt B, How many pumps are currently running in A and B unit? Has there been a ground count on birds yet? I know that Mingo is loaded up with Woodies. Thanks!!

Blinds will not be added to Units A/B for a year or two.  As we have stated in past blogs we want to see the birds use the units before we invest in placing blinds out there in locations that do not produce.  Last nights rain was great, and every little bit helps.  However, it was not enough to significantly flood any of the pools.  Pumping coninues in Units A/B.  We are starting to show some water in Unit 54.  This is significant because typically 54 was one of the last units to get water.  The new pump down there is working well! 

How soon will DC be loooking at adding pits or blinds back to units A and B

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