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MDC/DU Wetlands Field Day: Come Out and Join Us

Oct 05, 2012

What better place to celebrate the 75th anniversaries of Ducks Unlimited and Missouri Department of Conservation, than on an area that currently has restoration work underway? That is what is happening on October 13th at Duck Creek. We invite you to come out and enjoy an autumn day in the swamp with us.

Where you might ask?

Visitors will be greeted at the Duck Creek CA headquarters and directed to the Pool 3 campground for the day’s events. The day will begin at 9 a.m. with a short opening ceremony followed by a series of stations, activities, and hayrides that will continue until 1 pm.

Why would you want to come out?

This is a field day for folks to come out and explore Duck Creek and help us celebrate 75 years of valuing our wetland resources. At Duck Creek we have two main habitats in the Mingo Basin that we manage, our bottomland hardwoods and open marsh. If you have been on Duck Creek in the last three years, you might be aware of some renovation work that has been going on. This is an opportunity for you to come see what we’ve done and learn how this will help the wetland communities, and in turn benefit our public use in the future. I believe we should have something for everyone, whether you’re an avid duck hunter, a parent looking for something to do with the kids, or somewhere in between. For example:

  • Do you want to know what we are doing to recruit more pin oaks?
  • Do you wonder how water is managed in Pool 1 or in Unit A?
  • Do you want to see what the renovated Unit A looks like before stepping out into the pre-dawn light of November 3rd?
  • Do you want to learn what drills can keep your dog’s retrieving skills sharp in the off-season?

Well buddy, we’ve got something for you.

  • Do the kids drive you nuts inside and you just need to let them burn off some energy outdoors?
  • Do you feel it’s important for your kids to explore and value nature?
  • Do you your kids enjoy making stuff with their hands?
  • Do they enjoy splashing in water, looking for bugs?

Well ma’am, I believe Duck Creek may fit into your Saturday morning schedule.

  • Do you enjoy taking in the sights and smells of a hayride through the country?
  • Do you enjoy seeing the cypress turn red before the surrounding hills begin their fall transformation?
  • Do you enjoy seeing the coots poke around and raft up before collectively deciding to continue with their secretive southern migration?
  • Do you just enjoy getting out, meeting folks, and eating free food?

Well sir, plan on moseying north of Puxico on Highway 51 next Saturday.

Special Thanks to Our Partners

Waterfowl hunters have a long legacy in protecting, restoring, and managing wetlands across the country. Missouri is a great example of these long-term efforts and partnerships. The collaboration of volunteers and staff from MDC, DU, and USFWS that are hosting this event is another illustration of this continuing line of work. We’re looking forward to a wonderful day and hope to see you there.

If you’d like a little more detail of what kind of activities we’ve got planned and where this will occur, scroll below the comments box and check out our additional links.


Hats off to the Duck Creek staff and everyone involved in the Field Day. My kids and I really enjoyed it. Thanks for a great day.

Looking forward to it. Hopefully the weather will be nice so my kids can enjoy themselves.

when does the main lake close to fishing this year? thank you again for a great year at Duck Creek. Looking forward to many more years of enjoyment.

I think we all want to know when the pumps will be running? What is holding you guys up? I miss being out there and shootin our limits in Unit A.

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