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MDC to add ADA accessible fishing platforms, courtesy docks at Duck Creek CA

Mar 13, 2014

PUXICO, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) announces construction is slated to begin March 17 on boat ramps and fishing docks on Pool 1 at Duck Creek Conservation Area (CA).

Keith Cordell, the Duck Creek CA manager, said area users should be prepared for possible detours around Pool 1 during the construction. The purpose of the construction is to improve motorboat access to Pool 1 by renovating the two existing south boat ramps, , and adding two covered, ADA accessible floating fishing platforms.

“We are adding courtesy docks to these two ramps which will allow safe and convenient access from the bank to the water,” he said. The new ramps and docks will greatly improve safety and ease of access to the water for area users, he said.

The ADA accessible floating fishing platforms will be placed on the east side and west sides of Pool 1, between the existing rock jetties. These platforms are similar to the one at Otter Slough at the SW corner of Cypress Lake, Cordell said, and will provide additional fishing opportunity to individuals who do not have boats

Cordell said the two north boat ramps will remain open to public use during the construction project. The northeast ramp will be accessible without a detour. Traffic towards the northwest boat ramp may be routed from the south through Pool 3 via 51 Highway, or from the north through Unit A via Z Highway, he said.

“We will allow traffic through the construction area when possible but there will be times when the road will be completely closed off due to heavy equipment operation or other construction related activities,” he said.

Cordell estimates the project to take 90 days to complete, with exception to weather conditions. The goal is to complete the project by July, he said.

Cordell added this project is part of the MDC’s efforts to help people discover nature on Duck Creek Conservation Area. 



Are there plans to keep a boat lane open around the new fishing platforms? If it extends out 45' we will need a lane away from the platform to allow people fishing to not be disturbed. Plus, the lily pads clog up the channel usually every year. If you do another major project in another 50 years, can you keep one southern boat launch open. With both the SW and SE ramps closed now the boat ride from the northern ramps to the south end of the pool is NOT FUN with strong winds this past week. Thank you for all you are doing.

Renovation plans for this year include the Pool 1 boat ramp replacment with installation of courtesy docks and two new fishing platforms. The development of the Greenbrier Unit is the second part of this contract and will commence once the soil dries enough to begin construction.

The courtesy docks at the two south boat ramps are a skid type dock and are approximately 18' X 6'. The two fishing platforms are a covered floating platform 18' X 36' with a opening in the center 6' X 24'. These platforms extend into the water 45' from the bank and are attached with two 6' walkways.

We will begin to slowly draw the water off the wetland units through April to provide optimal conditions for the growth of desired wetland vegetation. We lowered the water in Pool 2 earlier to get the water off the trees but are holding just enough to keep the open ground on the north end flooded and will draw it down slowly this month as well.

How are the renovations at the area progressing and what are the renovation plans for this year? Weather permitting......Thanks!!

Can you tell us the approximate size of the new fishing piers/docks? Width length???

Keith, Have you begun letting any water out of the A and B unit or are you still holding water in there for birds migrating back north? I noticed the other day you were letting water out of Pool 2 by blind A and B. Thanks!!

thank you keith for the update

Duck Creek boat ramp replacement project will begin on Monday morning, March 24, 2014. The Southeast boat ramp has been closed as of Friday afternoon with yellow caution tape. Vehicle access will be allowed past the boat ramp, however, it will not be available to launch boats at this location until further notice. The NE, SW and NW ramps are accessible for launching boats. No detours are necessary at this time. We will post updates as the project progresses.

We will post the most updated information possible throughout the construction activities. Any change of access to the area and detours will be posted at the HQ entrance, posted on this blog, recorded on the answering machine message and we will also keep the regional office updated as well. Duck Creek phone number is 573-222-3337; SE Regional Office is 573-290-5730. Thanks for your patience while we make these improvements at Duck Creek.

Can you please keep us posted on which entrance we should use (main or entrance at idlewild) as the construction continues. Also can you keep us posted on which ramps or open? thank you

The HQ building contractors are finishing up final items on their punch list and MDC staff have been working the past week on items not covered in the contract. We have begun the process of moving back in the building, however it will be a few more weeks until we have full use of the facilities. The Duck Creek building is a field office, not a Public Contact office. There will be a self-check hunter station and area information posted at the front of the building. Staff are generally available to visit with during the mornings, late afternoons and occasionally throughout the day but there is often no one present at the HQ throughout the day. The designated MDC public contact office in the Southeast Region is located in Cape Girardeau at 2302 County Park Drive and open for visit during regular business hours Mon-Fri, 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Can you tell us when headquarters will be finished? What will be the operating hours open to the public?

Construction of an ADA accessible waterfowl blind has been planned since the beginning of our renovation activities. It is not part of this phase of construction but will be included in the next one.

So does this include construction of an ADA duck blind as well (since Duck Creek hasn't offered one for several seasons)?

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