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June 2012 Renovation Update

Jun 26, 2012

Over the last two weeks the contractors have continued to tie up loose ends on the job site.

Progress in Unit A:

The main focus has been on the large water control structure near the wells on the southwest side of Unit A. Two weeks ago forms were laid out and concrete was poured. Last week they’ve been focusing on the bridge span and the frames for the gates. This week they’ll work on hanging the two gates that will control the water coming down the stream. The electric company has started burying the electric line. Once it is installed we’ll have our electrical engineer check things out before we can flip the switch. We’ll let you know when we have power.

Planning for Stage 2:

Back in the office we’ve been working with our engineer, draftsman and environmental compliance coordinator to make sure plans are ready to go out for the next stage. We will be applying for our permits soon. This will set us up in time to get things out to bid early next year so the new contractors can hit the ground as soon as weather permits come May or June.

Next Step This Summer:

During the remainder of this year we will focus on getting the levees vegetated and try to promote a desirable plant response within the units before waterfowl season. This may be a tough road to hoe because of the hot and dry conditions that continue to persist.

Hot and Dry Outlook:

According to Missouri’s state climatologist, Pat Guinan, the Bootheel had one of the driest April-May periods in more than 118 years. Unfortunately the records show that when conditions are dry like this spring, the following summer tends to be hotter and drier than normal as well.

The combination of persistent heat, solar radiation, low humidity and wind rapidly depletes the soil moisture necessary for plant growth. These conditions have put us smack dab in the middle of an extreme drought, and we haven’t even seen July or August. With conditions not looking to improve, our plans to revegetate parts of the construction site may prove to be difficult in the coming months. Having electricity to our wells will be helpful in the short term, but it will probably take several years for the habitat to really respond to our recent renovation work.

Thank you for your continued patience and interest. 


Large Water Control Structure
Large Water Control Structure
Over the last weeks the structure near the distribution meander has been built. Grouting and hanging the gates are the last steps to complete.


Any plans to control the cockleburrs on Unit A and B? Corn is looking better but I noticed lots of cockleburrs emerging also.

Bandtaker; There was no corn left in any of the plots by April.  We mowed the stocks to allow herbicide application if necessary. There are plans to do some later season flood plots if dry weather conditions improve, but there will be no corn food plots at Dark Cypress this year.

What happened to last years corn in Dark Cypress? Was it harvested after the season was over? Are there any plans to plant corn or any other crops in Dark Cypress for this waterfowl season?

Thanks for the info. This looks very promising for the future.... Great job.

Has any repair work been done on blinds X4, J1, AA1? Door slide was broken off X4 last season. Blind AA1and J1 had some door issues also.

Bandtaker we have not made any repairs to these blinds at this time.  All repair work to the blinds will start later in the summer right before we brush them.  We'll take a look at every blind and make repairs as needed then.

Thanks frank for the info, got a lot on my to do list before season creeps up on us. It's been nice having this site to keep tabs on renovation progress, keep up the good work !!!

Last week the southeast regional staff was all over the place banding various groups of Canada Geese that were accessible. We herded birds up at a variety of locations including Wappapello, Dexter, Oak Ridge, Cape, Jackson, Malden, and Charleston. I’m not sure what the total count was, but can tell you it was above 250 honkers.

This winter I thought we would be able to chip away on a few additional projects during this summer.  However, with deadlines, permits, and some staff turnover it is going to work out better if we roll them all together and knock it out during next year’s construction season. We are still pushing to clean stuff up on the west side of Pool 3 and get that operational by this fall, but I can’t promise anything.

will there be any work in Pool 2 & 3 this summer, just wondering if it's gonna be ready for this fall ? Also would like to know if there were any Canada's banded on the area this year ?

Nonetheless the place looks very promising for the future....great job guys.

As you know, over the last month or two we’ve gone out and disked down the cocklebur, false aster, and Bermuda grass.  We’ve definitely knocked these species back, but with the lack of any soil moisture nothing else has really come up either.  In the places we didn’t disk we’ve maintained some good stands of smartweed, which should provide some food this fall.   Unfortunately, these hot conditions are ideal for more cocklebur to crop up wherever it can get a foothold.  In regards to the corn, it is out there, but it is struggling. We’ve got some locations that the plants are between knee and waste high and other spots where it didn’t come up or is ankle height. Like everyone else that is trying to grow crops, several days of slow and steady rain is needed to sink in and help these plants out.  Unfortunately, I'm not seeing that in the forecast.

Any luck on fighting back the cockleburs on the renovation area? Hows the corn crop doing?

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