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Duck Creek Hunting Update: August 2012

Aug 10, 2012

Early Season Migratory Bird Hunting

All early season migratory bird hunting will be allowed on Duck Creek through October 14. Hunt areas will include Pool 1 north of the posted white signs, Units A and B, Fishponds, Kinder Pool and Dark Cypress Swamp. Area regulations will follow statewide regulations. Remember, you may only use or possess non-toxic shot while hunting on this area. See the 2012 Migratory Bird Hunting Digest for season dates and shooting hours.

Units A and B Reconfiguration

Units A and B are a bit different than they used to be. Some of the pools and access roads will be familiar, but many of the recognizable landmarks such as tree lines and levees are no longer there. To take a look at the hunting positions map click "here" or go to link at the bottom of the page under "Related Information" and open the pdf on the next page.  This will illustrate the location of roads and parking areas for access to the hunting pools. We have attempted to retain as much familiarity with pool numbers as possible but it is definitely going to take some getting used to the alterations. One of the biggest changes in Unit A is the removal of the west boundary road and ditch which historically separated Unit A from Unit B. Unit A now consists of all the ground north of McGee Creek while Unit-B lies to the south.

The renovation of Units A and B is nearing completion; however, we are still waiting for the last and most important part to be finished. The wells and main water control structure are still not operational and it is presently uncertain when this is issue is going to be resolved. There is some water in the newly created scours that is already being utilized by early migrating birds. Hunting opportunity will be limited to these areas until the wells can be turned on or we receive substantial precipitation.

Teal and Early Goose Season

Teal hunting will be “self-check” utilizing the blue hunter sign-in cards and drop boxes at the HQ and parking areas on Highway Z and at Dark Cypress Swamp. Early Canada goose season will be allowed in a similar manner. Hunting is allowed opportunistically and will be available as long as it does not interfere with simultaneous management activity. It may become necessary to temporarily close portions of these areas for safety or logistical reasons as our staff and/or contractors are working in the area. This information will be posted at the sign-in areas if required. We are currently working on establishing and finishing access roads, parking areas, seeding and mulching the levees, getting signs and pool boundaries posted as well as preparing the units for the November waterfowl season. Please be patient with these activities concurrent with the teal season. Updates will be posted pertaining to the status of water pumping capability as soon as the information becomes available.

Thanks for your interest in the area and enjoy the beautiful weekend.


With the impending rain in the forecast, are you guys gonna be able to capture some of the runoff if the forecast totals occur? I would imagine there will be alot of water coming down out of the hills if we receive what they are forecasting in a short amount of time. Would be wonderful if you all could refill pool 1 and capture any other water available.

I pill per party please, don't ruin Duck Creek like they did Otter Slough. Its nice when you can just get up and go hunt a quality hunting area with a fair chance of hunting.

Bandtaker1; There will not be a draw because habitat condtions currently do not warrant one.  The wells are not operational and it is unlikely that they will be in time to flood any of the units for the September teal season.  We are faced with two choices; 1. allow no hunting in these units or 2. allow opportunistic hunting following statewide regulations.  We chose the latter as the most reasonable alternative.  The units are not marked yet, which is another reason we chose to allow statewide regulations.  They will be marked before November 3rd. Teal hunting this season will be no different than in many dove fields on public hunt areas or on Pool 1.  If there is a place a hunter wishes to hunt and it is not already occupied, they may do so.  This may or may not change in future years at Duck Creek.  There is only one manged wetland area in the state which conducts daily draws for teal season.  If hunting pressure exceeds available positions in Units A and B, we may be the second.  Pool 18 is large because it is.  As we have explained in many previous posts, the levees in these renovated areas were planned and constructed on the contours of the land.  Pool 18 happens to be a rather flat unit, however not all of the area will be flooded.  The ground generally falls from the northwest to the southeast and the northern and western portion of this impoundment will be very shallow water to dry ground. Thanks for your continued interest of the area.

With several new spots to hunt and the entire Unit A and B reshaped I cannot beleive that a Draw will not be held for the Teal Season Opening!!! Unless you fellas have the new boundaries well marked it will be difficult to find and hunt any one specific unit! Are all the boundaries in the new areas in Unit A well marked? And I would also like to know why the new area 18 is SO HUGE?

Keith please respectfully tell the slow pokes in Jefferson City to get the lead out!

I have seen a few teal in and around the area this past week.  No big numbers yet, though.  The wells are still not operational in Units A and B.  We held a productive meeting between the contractors and administration last Friday where I believe some of the hold-up has been worked out.  We should have some water pumping capability soon and we will let you know when we do.  There is not much water on the land at present; just a few puddles in the meandering scours right now and what is available on Pool 1. 

I know the teal have been moving and I spoke with the manager of Otter Slough and he said they are holding birds. I guess since these cool temps they have been coming down. Any pumps turned on yet in A and B units? How much water is available?

No Quick Draw and 1 Pill per Party drawing. This is another thing, one of the top reasons in my eyes, that makes Duck Creek the best. Please don't change. If only every area in the state could be the same there would be so many more happy people.

Greenbriar unit will be renovated in the next phase hopefully next year. We are working on allocating reservations for Duck Creek right now. We will likely have a few reservations available, but we are hesitant to give out too many due to the issues mentioned in this update.  Duck Creek will not have Quick Draw. We will continue with one pill/party draw!

will the quick draw be used at the Creek

Will there be any reservations allocated for Duck Creek this year ??

Are there any plans in the future for the Greenbrier Unit?

Ryan, all the wells that were in place prior to the renovation are still used now.  We converted the well up on the north end of Unit A to electric.  Two wells have been added.  One in what is now the west side of 18 and then the other down in the northwest side of the new unit B.  both of these wells will give us reliable water sources for the west side of the area that we have not had in the past.

Just saw the map of A and B. Looks great! Are the same two wells on the south end of 16 still in use? Do you happen to have a map with the locations of all the wells you have now? I am just curious as I am so glad to see all the work that has been done.

We are currently working on establishing and finishing access roads, parking areas

will the old #19 ans H pool be in the draw ?

"We are waiting on the final inspection and approval form our Design and Development division in Jefferson City." Give us a phone number and we will provide them with a thousand reasons they should do this asap in the form of their phones ringing off the hook with concerned citizens. It seems just down right silly that you guys go through all this work to get things right just to sit on your hands while you wait for some stuffy white shirt to decided to pick up the phone and give the go ahead to send someone down for a final inspection that I am sure is just procedural at this point anyways. Regardless, keep up the good work our impatience just shows how excited we are at the changes that are taking place!!

Will hunters have to drive back to headquarters or drop cards at a drop box similar to years past (when entering from Highway Z)? The map areas appear to be very good.

Anonymous, the wells,pumps and motors are installed.  The electric line is buried and connected to the transformers and control boxes and the electric company is ready to energize the lines.  We are waiting on the final inspection and approval from our Design and Development division in Jefferson City.  We can push the button and turn the wells on after this happens.Darin, you may fill out cards for teal and early goose at the drop boxes which we will have available closer to the units.  All other hunters must continue to sign in at HQ or the first parking area at HWY Z.

Must you sign in at HQ to hunt or can you sign in at the drop boxes?

Why havent they been able to hook up the wells?

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