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Red, White, and Blue in Nature

Jun 28, 2020

Celebrate red, white, and blue in nature this Independence week in our Discover Nature Notes blog.

Bald Eagle

Helping Birds

Jun 22, 2020

We are loving our birds these days.  Discover why bird populations are in decline and simple ways you can help in this week's Discover Nature Note.

Evening Grosbeak bird

Father Fishes

Jun 14, 2020

Gear up for Father's Day with a tale of two fish dads, some top fishing tips, and a tasty recipe in this week's Discover Nature Note.

Rattlesnake Rattles

Jun 07, 2020

It's a sound that will stop you in your tracks. Discover how rattlesnake rattles are formed and how their highly effective warning sound is made in this week's Discover Nature Note.

Timber Rattlesnake rattle

Celebrate National Days Outdoors

May 31, 2020

Celebrate national days locally in Missouri's great outdoors this month. Get ideas and tips in this month's Discover Nature Note.


The Color of Fish

May 26, 2020

Fish use color for blending into their surroundings, selecting mates, and self-defense. They can also change their colors and patterns by mood. Learn more about the how fish use color in this week's Discover Nature Note.

Longear Sunfish

Amphibian Noisemakers

May 17, 2020

Discover the sounds and skills of Acris crepitans and Hyla versicolor, more commonly known as cricket frogs and gray tree frogs. They perform an outdoor suite while munching on pesky insects that are not so sweet. Learn more in this week's Discover Nature Note.

Gray Tree Frog Calling

Landscaping for Wildlilfe

May 11, 2020

Liven up your backyard for some wild company. You can create a mix that invites birds, butterflies, turtles, and other animals to your outdoor space. Learn some landscaping tips to add song and life to your outdoor space in this week's Discover Nature Note.

Backyard naturescape

Mammal Mothers

May 03, 2020

Explore how mammal mothers raise their young, and how you can help keep wildlife wild in this week's Discover Nature Note.

Opossum mom and babies

Nature's Cleanup Crew

Apr 27, 2020

Nature's cleanup crew works the frontlines by day and night, removing waste, filtering water, and preventing the spread of disease. Discover how in this week's Discover Nature Note.

Turkey Vulture


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