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Oh, My, Meanders!

Sep 22, 2014

Do you and your pals enjoy floating down rivers and streams? Or are you more of an adventurous canoer? Either way, venturing out on Missouri’s many bodies of water is a fantastic way to experience another aspect of nature.


All About Antlers

Sep 15, 2014

One of the most magnificent parts of a deer–and a defining trademark that separates it from its other four-legged counterparts–are its antlers. Many people can’t help but wonder: How do they come to be?


The Skinny on Snakes

Sep 08, 2014

Despite their slithery nature, scaly skin and downright scary appearance, snakes play a vital role in Missouri’s ecosystem.

Red Milk Snake

Conniving Cowbirds

Aug 25, 2014

One of a bird’s many talents is its ability to build the nest in which they lay their eggs. But in the case of the Brown-Headed Cowbird, a talent that distinguishes them from their avian counterparts is one of sheer trickery.

Brown-Headed Male Cowbird

Seeds That Flee

Aug 18, 2014

The next time you pick a dandelion from the ground, make a wish and blow its seeds into the wind, remember this: You’re playing a vital role in how a dandelion reproduces in new habitats.

Spotted Touch-me-not Jewelweed

Brawny, Burrowing Badgers

Aug 11, 2014

Just think: If badgers could help us with our gardening activities, our plants would always be in tip-top shape.


The Awesome Opossum

Aug 04, 2014

You don’t have to travel “down under” to see a pouched animal. Missouri has the opossum, a tree climbing, baby-on-board carrying, creature of the night.

Female Opossum

Katy Did, Katy Didn’t

Jul 28, 2014

As spring warms to summer nature makes new sounds. The evening’s toad and frog chorus makes way for a symphony of insect sounds. One of the loudest and most familiar calls belongs to the katydids.

True Katydid

Fawning Over Deer Fawns

Jul 21, 2014

The delicate features of a deer fawn always seem to bring an “ooh” from even the gruffest of folks. A fawn’s endearing look of helplessness has caused many to be taken from the wild.

Deer Fawns

All About Bullfrogs

Jul 14, 2014

A deep, bellowing “jug-of-rum” call resounds through the hot night air from a nearby pond. And, you understand how the bullfrog got its name.



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