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In the Land of Ladybugs

Aug 17, 2015

They go by names such as the lady beetle or ladybird beetle, but you may be most familiar with one.

image of Four-Spotted Lady Beetle on a leaf

Nature’s Masquerade Ball

Aug 10, 2015

All wildlife seeks to survive. But rather than hiding from predators, some harmless animals flaunt their presence. They can be so bold because they resemble other animals that taste bad or cause them harm.

Photo of red-femured milkweed borer beetle on milkweed leaf

Getting Antsy

Aug 03, 2015

“The ants go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah…”

You see them as they scurry about the driveways, lawns and sidewalks, maybe even in your home. Ants seem to be everywhere. All ant species live in societies, and each society is headed by a queen.

image of Odorous House Ants

Crawdad Country

Jul 27, 2015

Move over, lobster! Missouri is crawdad country. While coastal lobsters are famous all over, their downsized relative, the crawdad, lives in obscurity right here in Midwestern waters.

Photo of a freckled crayfish.

Survival Skills

Jul 20, 2015

Life among nature’s creatures is not all sweetness and delight. There are conflicts in the wild over food, nest sites and mates. And these conflicts can result in life or death.

Photo of a red-tailed hawk soaring

Grasshopper Calling!

Jul 13, 2015

Did you know there’s an unofficial song of summer? And it comes from one particular insect.

image of Admirable Grasshopper on grass stem

The Gist on Green Sunfish

Jul 06, 2015

One of our most common fish has an identity problem. The green sunfish lives in nearly all water. But it’s seldom called by its proper common name. Almost everyone calls this pugnacious sunfish a “black perch.”

Image of a green sunfish

Meet Bobwhite

Jun 29, 2015

Meet Bobwhite. Bobwhite is a popular fellow. In spring and summer across fields, fencerows and croplands, Bob whistles his name. He sounds cheerful, but Bobwhite’s life is often short and filled with hardship.

Photo of male northern bobwhite

Gawking at the Great Blue Heron

Jun 22, 2015

If you’re vacationing at the lake and you spot a peculiar-looking blue bird on the shore, there’s no need to do a double take. You’re looking at a great blue heron.

Photo of great blue heron

Here Come the Cicadas

Jun 15, 2015

Cicadas are stocky, bug-eyed insects that make that buzzing, pulsating noise on summer days.

2015 Cicadas


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