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I Spy a Hawk

Nov 15, 2020

Wonder why we see so many hawks near the highways? Hawks use the roadside to scan fields for their prey. Find out more in this weeks Discover Nature Note.

Red-tailed hawk in flight

Dabblers vs Divers

Nov 08, 2020

DABBLERS VS. DIVERS: Discover how to tell dabbling ducks from diving ducks by the way they eat, fly and look in this week's Discover Nature Note.

Wood Duck

International Bird Travel

Nov 01, 2020

How would a bird find its way back to your backyard after wintering thousands of miles away? Check out the navigation hacks that birds use for their international travels in this week's Discover Nature Note.

Woodpecker Superpowers

Oct 26, 2020

A third eyelid, toes that point in opposite directions, and a jackhammer-like beak help woodpeckers feed and build their tree homes. Discover woodpecker superpowers and how you can help them in this week's Discover Nature Note.

Male Downy Woodpecker

The Sounds of Fall

Oct 19, 2020

The Sounds Of Fall: Fall is a sensory delight. And not just for the eyes and nose. The sounds of fall are as distinct as its sights and smells. Explore the sounds and sights of fall in this week's Discover Nature Note.

Fall Color

Hiking for Health and Happiness

Oct 12, 2020

Hike your way to health and happiness with this week's Discover Nature Note.


Woolly Bears and Winter

Oct 04, 2020

Woolly bears go on the move in search of a winter's den. Check out these winter predicting caterpillars of folklore in this week's Discover Nature Note.


woolly bear caterpillar

Understanding Copperheads

Sep 28, 2020

Discover how to identify and deal with copperheads in this week's Discover Nature Note.

Eastern Copperhead

Stripes, Speed, and Super Fun

Sep 20, 2020

Thirteen-lined ground squirrels are the feature attraction in this week's Discover Nature Note. Watch them in action before they head underground for the winter.

ground squirrel

Top 5 Fall Hikes

Sep 13, 2020

Take a hike this fall and enjoy some spectacular Missouri scenery. Check out our top five trail picks in this week's Discover Nature Note.

Painted Rock Conservation Area


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