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The Sparrow Story

Dec 12, 2016

Described often as those little brown birds, sparrows are some of the easiest to attract if you want to manage a bird feeder through the winter. Learn more about these easy to please visitors in this week's Discover Nature Notes.

Fox Sparrow

Christmas Bird Counts

Dec 05, 2016

A lesser known holiday tradition is the Christmas Bird Count. Learn how this annual practice helps keep tabs on bird species and their locations throughout the country in this week's Discover Nature Notes.

Kids Birding

The Blue Jay Way

Nov 28, 2016

They're loud and tough and colorful.  Learn about the Blue Jay way in this week's Discover Nature Note.

Blue Jay

Hawk Talk

Nov 21, 2016

Wonder why we see so many hawks near the highways? Hawks use the roadside to scan fields for their prey. Find out more in this weeks Discover Nature Note.

Red-tailed Hawk

The Incredible Flying Squirrel

Nov 14, 2016

Watch out for the flying….squirrel! These squirrels can glide two or three car lengths. Find out more in this weeks Discover Nature Note.

Flying Squirrel on Tree

Diving Ducks

Nov 07, 2016

Scaups are diving ducks that can fully submerge and swim underwater. Find out more on this weeks Discover Nature Note.

Lesser Scaup Male

The Deerly Beloved

Oct 31, 2016

White-tailed deer are plentiful and popular in Missouri.  Learn more about keeping them healthy in this week’s Discover Nature Note.

White-tailed Deer

Creepy Critters

Oct 24, 2016

BOO! Creepy creatures are always on our minds during this time. Find out more about these creatures in this weeks Discover Nature Note.

Silver hair Bat

Woolly Bear: Nature's Weather Predictor

Oct 17, 2016

Woolly Bears are known to be able to signal when there is going to be cold weather coming up. Find out more in the weeks Discover Nature Note.

Wooly Bear Caterpillar

It's a Falcon!

Oct 10, 2016

The world’s most common and fastest bird of prey can be seen soaring around large cities and waterways. Find out more in this weeks Discover Nature Note.

Peregrine Falcon


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