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The Bird that Fishes

Jun 05, 2017

With stout frame and a mohawk crest, this potent predator strikes with stealth.  Its prey may not see it coming, but you might if you listen for its swooping call.  Find out more about this wild fisher on Missouri waters in this week's Discover Nature Note.

Belted Kingfisher female with fish

Wild Waifs

May 29, 2017

Baby birds and other young wildlife may look abandoned, but odds are their parents are nearby, caring for them from a distance.  Learn why this happens and why it's best to leave these babes alone in this week's Discover Nature Note.

Young Fawn in Grass

Acoustic Dawn

May 22, 2017

Nature provides some of the best jam sessions.  It's definitely worth rising early in May and June to catch an acoustic dawn as spring harmonize to start their day.  Get a front row seat to this natural concert in this week's Discover Nature Note.

American Robin

Tracking Birds with Radar

May 15, 2017

Like airplanes and thunderstorms, flocks of migrating birds can be tracked by radar. Learn how scientist's are tracking spring migrations in this week's Discover Nature Notes.

A male Blue Grosbeak perched on a tree

The Buzz on Flowers

May 08, 2017

Happy Mother's Day. Flowers make a perfect gift for this special day. They add beauty and are an essential part of the food chain. Learn the buzz on how flowers came to be and watch a time-lapse video of Missouri native wildflowers in this week's Discover Nature Note.

Photo of smooth spiderwort flowers being visited by beelike syrphid flies

The Color of Fish

May 01, 2017

It's all about the color, even for Missouri fish, when it comes to blending into their surroundings, selecting mates and defense.  Fish can also change their colors and patterns by mood.  Learn more about the how fish use color in this week's Discover Nature Note.

Native Fishes

Avoiding Ticks

Apr 24, 2017

Don't let these blood sucking parasites ruin your good time in the outdoors.  Learn about ticks and the best ways to avoid them and remove them in this week's Discover Nature Note.

Tick on Leaf

Wayfaring Warblers

Apr 17, 2017

Spring brings some colorful visitors through the Show Me state.  Discover what birdwatchers know about spotting these wayfaring warblers as they make their journey form Central and South America in this week's Discover Nature Note.

Common Yellow-throated Warbler

Fire In Nature

Apr 10, 2017

Discover the beneficial ways fire can help natural habitats and private property in this week's Discover Nature Note.

Prescribed Fire

Red-wing Stakeout

Apr 03, 2017

You can't miss the male red-winged blackbird while on stakeout.  To defend their territory from predators, including human approaches, the males will trill loudly from their perch and lift the leading edge of their wings to show off their patch of red.  Red-wings are fierce defenders during nesting.  Learn more about these showy competitors in this week's Discover Nature Note.

Red-winged Blackbird


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