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SPRINGing To Life

Feb 26, 2018

When March winds roar like a lion, the sights and sounds of spring are drawing near.

Wildlife spring into action.  Birds fill the crisp air with courtship tunes in search of a mate.  Flashes of color pop in trees and grasslands.  Spring peepers and chorus frogs serenade through early spring rains.  Skunks are looking for other skunks and wood ducks check waterside trees for a place to raise a family.  Even on the coldest mornings, male prairie-chickens gather on booming grounds to stamp their feet and call to hens listening from the fields and prairies.  In backyards, male house sparrows become aggressive as they compete for females and male cardinals sing daily from the treetops.

Most animals don’t use warm weather as a courtship trigger.  Instead, the longer days, or internal cues like the loss of body fat, let them know the time has come to produce young.  Watch spring come alive with color and sound in your backyard and Missouri’s great outdoors.


Spring Peeper
Spring Peeper
Spring peeper at full croak.

wood ducks.jpg

wood ducks
wood ducks
MDC’s annual Wood Duck Nest Box Day at Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area provides opportunity to work with experts and learn how to provide quality brood-rearing habitat. Shown here is a female wood duck with her brood.

Prairie Chickens - AskMDC

These colorful birds have a unique courtship dance that is a real foot stomper. But the ritual is becoming a rare site in the state.
These colorful birds have a unique courtship dance that is a real foot stomper. But the ritual is becoming a rare site in the state.

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