Forests Springing Forward

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Apr 11, 2023

Our forests come alive this time of year with swelling buds, new leaves, and a carpet of wildflowers. Forests are energy factories.


Bloodroot Time-lapse

This new growth attracts insects, which appear at just the right time to feed waves of songbirds like Indigo Bunting and Carolina Wrens. Young fox and grey squirrels begin to explore the outside world. Chipmunks emerge from hibernation and gray tree frogs call and lay eggs in temporary pools of water.

Wildflowers take center stage on the forest floor. Bloodroot and other spring beauties bask in the sunlight filtering through the budding canopy. Redbud, dogwood, and spicebush flowers provide color and contrast. Watch bloodroot blooms stretch upward in the time-lapse video below.

You can enjoy the colors, contrasts and energy by hiking forest trails. 

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