Blog Posts from Duck Creek CA Updates - 2012

Underrated Journeymen

May 09, 2012
Semipalmated Plover

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Apr 26, 2012

Last week we went out into units A and B to see what plants were coming up so that we could start scratching out a game plan for this summer and fall. As we surveyed the area we encountered the good, the bad and the ugly.

Evaluating plant growth

Potpourri of Activity

Apr 03, 2012

As March Madness comes to a close, a couple of different tidbits of news have come through that might be of interest to you.

Newly hatched wood ducks

March Madness

Mar 13, 2012

While most folks may think that March Madness only applies to the NCAA basketball tournament. Here are a few reasons it could apply to Duck Creek CA as well.

Looking Good for Spring Break

Mar 09, 2012

Some turn their eyes south to the Gulf Coast as spring break approaches. However, in the waterfowl world, many birds are coming back from this region. Some of these birds may spend their “spring break” in a wetland near you.

Mallards in flooded timber

Fair Weather Fowl

Mar 05, 2012

The mild temperatures, blossoming maples and rash of tornadoes have made it feel like spring is already here. At Duck Creek and Mingo, dabbling ducks have been passing through as part of their spring migration.

photo of a wood duck

Working with Water

Feb 15, 2012

Last month I mentioned that I’d give an update on what things look like in units A and B. Here is a video that illustrates what has happened with our stream-restoration work over the winter.

meander shows sediment deposits

Drawn to Wetlands

Jan 27, 2012

What do waterfowl have to do with swamp rabbits? Take a few minutes and I'll show you what the connection is.

swamp rabbit

2011 Duck Creek Waterfowl Wrap-Up

Jan 24, 2012

Well, another waterfowl season has come to a close. Once again, this year was different from the last.

2011 Wrap-up and Units A and B Update

Jan 03, 2012

As waterfowl season comes to a close I hope you were able to make some pleasurable memories at Duck Creek this fall. Here is a little re-cap of this fall and what we expect to happen in the next year.

Graph that shows rainfall in Dexter, Mo. the fall of 2011