Blog Posts from Fresh Afield - 2011

E-Permits Off to a Running Start

Apr 04, 2011

Missourians bought three times as many permits online during March this year than they did during the same time last year.

Wildlife Progress Spans Three Careers at Peck Ranch

Apr 04, 2011

One family's conservation legacy culminates in elk restoration.

A forester carries a rake as he monitors a dripline fire.

Nokia Connection Casts Doubt on State-Record Catch

Apr 01, 2011

Unusual circumstances have one angler asking, “Can you certify me now?”

New Guide to Missouri Natural Areas

Mar 23, 2011

The new Department publication "Discover Missouri Natural Areas – A guide to 50 great places" can help you locate and explore some of the state’s best remaining biological, ecological and geological features.

Wake-Up Call

Mar 21, 2011

I'm considering roosting on the deck until April 18.

Turkey Display

Hummers on Their Way

Mar 17, 2011

It’s not too early to visit an interesting website that annually tracks the spring migration of ruby-throated hummingbirds.

Ruby-throated hummingbird in flight

The March of Spring

Mar 10, 2011

Spring won’t officially arrive until the vernal equinox, which occurs on March 20 this year, but some Missouri wildflowers just won’t wait.

Signs of Spring

Mar 03, 2011

Here are a few natural history tidbits that might give you psychological comfort that spring is indeed approaching.

One Reason to Look Forward to 60

Mar 02, 2011

One of the best things about turning 60 is qualifying for cheap hunting and fishing permits.

Photo of a Resident Lifetime Conservation Partner Permit

Nothing Says Love like a Big Rainbow Trout

Mar 02, 2011

Missouri's urban trout-fishing program gives city dwellers a chance to catch rainbow trout during the winter.

photo of a ten-year-old angler with an 11-pound rainbow trout

Skunk Is in the Air

Feb 25, 2011

Late February through March is the breeding season of Missouri’s common skunk, the striped skunk.

Celebrate "Year of the Forest"

Feb 22, 2011

Join the Missouri Department of Conservation in celebrating 2011 as the “Year of the Forest.”

our precious forests

Spring Turkey Hunting Booklets Now Available

Feb 18, 2011

Get your spring turkey-hunting booklet to begin planning for the next hunting opportunity.

Round-Round, Get-Around, Doves Get Around

Feb 14, 2011

Doves don't just fly fast; they go far!

Photo of mourning dove, adult female

Birds in Snow

Feb 04, 2011

Small birds can struggle with prolonged deep snow.

A Midwinter Jicker Flicker and a Silly Pileated

Feb 03, 2011

Being snowed in has its rewards.

photo of a pileated woodpecker on a suet feeder

Hints of Things to Come

Jan 31, 2011

If you are among the many Missourians who can hardly wait to see and hear elk in the Ozarks, check out this video.

A Good Day in Elk Country

Jan 25, 2011

Missouri's elk-restoration aspirations are one step closer to fulfillment.

Exciting Times in Elk Country

Jan 20, 2011

MDC has more than three dozen elk in a holding pen in Kentucky.

elk trapping

Trumpeter Swans in Missouri

Jan 20, 2011

Overwintering trumpeter swans are becoming more common in Missouri.