July-September 2013

Larry Allstun, De Soto

  • Steve Miles—St. Louis Metallizing 

John Brune, Washington

  • Amy L. Boyce
  • Ron and Betty Brune
  • John and Linda Erfurdt
  • Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Frick
  • Sharon Graham
  • Glennon and Mary Ann Kluesner
  • Nancy Mittendorf
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Narup
  • Margaret A. Pohl
  • Dwayne and Caren Schomberg
  • Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Strubberg
  • J.T. Todd
  • Leon C. Weber 

Nate Cripps, Pleasant Hill

  • Sharon Andrews
  • Richard and Mary Dimon
  • Guier Fence Co. Injc.
  • The Jarretts 

Maria Cumpton, Liberty

  • Johnita Burr
  • Alma Dallam
  • Gene and Betty Grizzel
  • Lou and Joyce Johnson
  • H. and M. Miller
  • Dan and Judy Paulsen
  • Margie Tritt and The Shapoval Family 

Ruth Dauster, Creve Couer

  • Clarice Beckemeier
  • John and Julie Blair
  • Dr. Paul W. Deschamp
  • Charles and Marlene Eschenbrenner
  • Judy Pfeiffer 

Steven G. Everding, St. Louis

  • James A. Maritz, IV 

Donald D. Fink, St. Louis

  • Richard and Christine Brewer 

Cathy Sue Holloway, Independence

  • Community of Christ and Delivery Rite Service, Fiscal Services

Stephen Karl, Ballwin

  • Mary Ferronato
  • Chad and Ruth Fisher
  • Leola E. Long 

Robert Alan Klatt, Cuba

  • Nikki Smith 

Rodney C. Lawrence, Savannah

  • Daniel and Kerry Brewer 

Richard “Rick” Lindquist, Ballwin

  • Bluefish Wireless, Inc.
  • Rick and Elizabeth Currier
  • Daniel Deimeke and Kris McCoy
  • Marty and Amy Gallagher and Family
  • Bruce and Mary Hake
  • Diane Linck
  • Bob and Sandra Lindquist
  • Martha Moceri
  • Roger and Norda Peters
  • Mark and Susan Spence
  • Donald and Kathy St. Julian
  • Bob and Anne Stalinski
  • Jan Tucker
  • Mike and Karen Walker
  • Ed and Dorothy Ward 

Bert McCulloch, Steele

  • Earl and Christy Carter 

Lawrence I. Miller, Joplin

  • Nick and Lou Ann Capra
  • Kendall and Krista Roberts 

Bill Petty, Ballwin

  • Gretchen Hughes
  • Ervin & Jeanne Pagel 

Kathleen A. Reinke, Chesterfield

  • The Reinke Family 

Vincent E. Van Trump, Grain Valley

  • Evelyn L. Clough
  • R. and Bev Connally
  • Eldon and Carla Friesen
  • Allan and Karen Grothusen
  • Everett and Becky Harding
  • Clay and Susan Manes
  • Stephen and Wendy Rinke
  • Vicki Van Trump 

Missouri Conservationist and Xplor

  • Daisy S. Mahurin
  • Jim and Jean Stanek 


  • Ken Behlmann 
  • Lina Berrier 
  • Jim and Lynn Boedeker and John and Gina Bussmann (to honor Bob Mainini to commemorate his 70th birthday) 
  • Frank and Maxine Gilner (to honor Ken and Pat Schark to commemorate their 50th Anniversary) 
  • Donald Lane


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