3 CSR 10-12.115: Bullfrogs and Green Frogs


This amendment provides for the taking of bullfrogs and green frogs by pole and line only at Kearney (Jesse James Park Lake) and St. Ann (Gendron Lake), areas under management agreement with the department.

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Title 3 – Department of Conservation
Division 10 – Conservation Commission

Chapter 12—Wildlife Code: Special Regulations for Areas Owned by Other Entities

Proposed Amendment

3 CSR 10-12.115: Bullfrogs and Green Frogs

(1) Bullfrogs and green frogs may be taken during the statewide season only by hand, handnet, atlatl, gig, bow, snagging, snaring, grabbing, or pole and line except as further restricted by this chapter.

  (B) Only pole and line may be used to take frogs on the following areas:

    6. Kearney (Jesse James Park Lake);

    [6.]7. Kirksville (Spur Pond);

    [7.]8. Kirkwood (Walker Lake);

    [8.]9. Liberty (Fountain Bluff Park Ponds Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8);

    [9.]10. Macon County (Fairground Lake);

    [10.]11. Mineral Area College (Quarry Pond);

    [11.]12. Overland (Wild Acres Park Lake);

    [12.]13. Potosi (Roger Bilderback Lake);

    [13.]14. Raymore (Johnston Lake);

    15. St. Ann (Gendron Lake);

    [14.]16. St. Charles (Fountain Lakes Pond, Kluesner Lake, Moore Lake, Skate Park Lake);

    [15.]17. St. Louis (Benton Park Lake, Boathouse Lake, Fairgrounds Park Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Hyde Park Lake, Jefferson Lake, Lafayette Park Lake, North Riverfront Park Lake, O’Fallon Park Lake, North Lake, South Lake);

    [16.]18. St. Louis County (Bee Tree Park Lake, Blackjack Lake, Carp Lake, Creve Coeur Park Lake, Fountain Lake, Island Lake, Jarville Lake, Simpson Park Lake, Spanish Lake, Sunfish Lake, Tilles Park Lake);

    [17.]19. Sedalia (Clover Dell Park Lake, Liberty Park Pond);

    [18.]20. Sedalia Water Department (Spring Fork Lake);

    [19.]21. Warrensburg (Lions Lake);

    [20.]22. Watershed Committee of the Ozarks (Valley Water Mill Lake);

    [21.]23. Wentzville (Community Club Lake, Heartland Lake); and

    [22.]24. Windsor (Farrington Park Lake).


AUTHORITY: sections 40 and 45 of Art. IV, Mo. Const. and section 252.040, RSMo 2016. This rule previously filed as 3 CSR 10-4.116. Original rule filed April 30, 2001, effective Sept. 30, 2001. For intervening history, please consult the Code of State Regulations. Amended: Filed March 2, 2020.


PUBLIC COST: This proposed amendment will not cost state agencies or political subdivisions more than five hundred dollars ($500) in the aggregate.


PRIVATE COST: This proposed amendment will not cost private entities more than five hundred dollars ($500) in the aggregate.


NOTICE TO SUBMIT COMMENTS: Anyone may file a statement in support of or in opposition to this proposed amendment with Regulations Committee Chairman, Department of Conservation, P.O. Box 180, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0180, or via the department’s website at https://short.mdc.mo.gov/Z49. To be considered, comments must be received within thirty (30) days after publication of this notice in the Missouri Register. No public hearing is scheduled.




Official public comment period

Apr 02, 2020 to May 01, 2020
Apr 01, 2020





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