Topics in this section serve Missouri's foresters and timber industry professionals.

Logger of the Year Award

Lindgren Named 2013 Logger of the Year
We recognize Missouri loggers who harvest timber using best practices. Find out how professional foresters nominate award winners, and browse news stories about the winners. More

Missouri Forest Management Guidelines

Published in 2014, this reference provides science-based guidance to help professional foresters, private land managers, and forest landowners improve and sustain Missouri’s forests. More

Missouri Invasive Forest Pest Plan

What will Missouri do when an invasive forest pest such as thousand cankers disease is found?  Read this draft plan that addresses all invasive forest insects and diseases, plus two supplemental documents about thousand cankers disease, and give us your comments by September 22, 2014. More

Missouri Invasive Forest Pest Plan Comment Form

Use this form to comment on the Missouri Invasive Forest Pest Plan. More

Missouri Forest Resource Assessment and Strategy

Browse the Department's 222-page plan for managing Missouri's forests. The PDF file is 6.8 MB and may take a few minutes to download. More

Missouri Watershed Protection Practice

Download these guidelines about maintaining forested watersheds to protect streams. More

Notes for Forest Managers

Browse periodic notes on a variety of Missouri forest-management issues. More

Tree Diseases and Pests

Protect your Missouri woods, wildlife habitat and crops. Learn to identify and control or report common tree diseases and pests. More

Timber Management and Harvest

Find best practices and help for managing, harvesting and protecting your Missouri timber and woodlands. More
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