Improve Your Property

Browse topics on improving your Missouri property for wildlife, fishing, aesthetics, and farm and timber profitability.

Building on Karst Best Practices

To protect Missouri's cave wildlife and water quality, use best practices when building on karst topography. More

Country Land Care Packet

Our habitat, forest, pond and grassland management booklets help you improve your Missouri rural land for all kinds of wildlife, fishing, grazing and timber. More

Help Endangered Plants

Native wildlife depend on native plants for food and habitat. Learn what you can do on your land to help Missouri's endangered plants. More

Native Plants for Your Landscape

This publication shows you how to use native-plant landscaping to attract wildlife. More

Pond Improvements

Make the most of your private Missouri lake or pond. Topics include four-page technical sheets known as Aquaguides and other pond-related info to help you control water plants, improve fishing and frogging, build and maintain better ponds, and manage your pond's water quality. More

Prairie, Grassland and Field Improvements

Whether you're managing for wildlife or livestock, you can improve your Missouri grasslands for better recreation, aesthetics and profitability. These topics show you how. More

Stream Improvements

Learn best practices for building near Missouri streams, stabilizing stream banks, and sustainable sand and gravel removal. More

Timber Stand Improvement

Download this illustrated, two-color, eight-page guide to learn how to improve your woodlot by cutting firewood. More

Wetland Improvements

Browse tables and tons of management info on how to improve your Missouri marshes for waterfowl and other aquatic life. More

Your Trees and Woods

Browse topics that help you care for your trees and woods and maximize your timber harvests. More
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