Missouri’s best public waterfowl hunting is found on 15 intensively managed wetland areas around the state. Use this section to browse Missouri’s managed waterfowl-hunt areas, managed waterfowl hunts, and waterfowl reports, seasons, boundaries, and regulations.

  • Waterfowl season begins when ducks and geese are migrating in the fall. The season start is staggered between zones, with the northern zone of the state opening earlier than the middle and southern zones.
  • The specific dates and regulations are set in summer and are published in the Waterfowl Hunting Digest, listed under Related Information below. You can purchase waterfowl hunting permits beginning July 1.
  • Find teal hunting information in the Migratory Bird Hunting Digest listed under Related Information below.
map of waterfowl hunting zones and managed-waterfowl hunting areas

Managed Waterfowl Hunt Areas

See where the Department's 15 prime public waterfowl hunting areas are located, and learn which offer blinds, walk-in hunting, disabled accessibility, ramps, camping, stamps, and permits.

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Managed Waterfowl Hunts

Managed hunts keep the resource healthy and optimize the waterfowl hunting experience. Browse three ways to participate, as well as requirements, area draw times, procedures, reservations, and Quick Draw.

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Waterfowl Reports

Going waterfowl hunting? Browse Missouri's Preseason Waterfowl Reports, Waterfowl and Habitat Survey, Waterfowl Harvest and Hunting Updates, Mallard Migration, and Snow-Goose Conservation Order Hunting Report.

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Waterfowl Seasons and Boundaries

Check seasons at a glance, and get acquainted with our process for involving hunters in setting seasons and zones every five years.

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Waterfowl Regulations

Browse federal waterfowl regulations, Missouri's Waterfowl Hunting Digest, permit and stamp requirements, youth season regulations, and swan ID tips.

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Upper Mississippi Waterfowl Blind Map

Waterfowl hunters, use this map to find permanent and temporary or boat blinds in the Upper Mississippi Conservation Area pools.

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