The Missouri Department of Conservation carefully regulates trapping. We also use it as a tool for research and to help manage Missouri's wildlife in a manner that is safe, wise, and humane.

Browse trapping topics, including fur auction results, furbearer program report and records, making trapping lures, history of trapping in Missouri, permits, regulations, trapping coyotes, and use of cable restraints in Missouri.

Browse the report on Missouri furbearer permit sales, population and harvests, pelt sales, and other information for fiscal year 2014 (July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2014).

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Cable Restraint Classes

Trappers must complete a certified Cable Restraint Training Program to become eligible to use cable restraints to catch live Missouri wildlife. Browse the calendar on this page for cable restraint classes offered near you.

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Record-Weight Furbearers

View the list of Missouri's record-weight furbearers, and let us know if you think you've trapped a record-breaking furbearer.

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Trapping Coyotes

A key to successful trapping is to use the correct trap for the job. A trap should be large, powerful and fast enough to catch the coyote that activates it.

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Trapping Regulations

Know Missouri's trapping regulations before going afield.

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