Waterfowl Regulations

Browse federal waterfowl regulations, Missouri's Waterfowl Hunting Digest, permit and stamp requirements, youth season regulations, and swan ID tips.

Don't Shoot a Swan

Trumpeter swans are not legal game, so make sure of your target before firing at large white birds. More

Federal Waterfowl Regulations Summary

In addition to state regulations, federal rules apply to the hunting of migratory game birds in Missouri. When state law is different from federal law, hunters must follow the more restrictive law. More

Waterfowl Hunting Digest

Download the 2014-15 Waterfowl Hunting Digest to learn about the upcoming season. More

Waterfowl Permit and Stamp Requirements

Find out what permits and stamps you need to hunt waterfowl in Missouri. More

Youth Waterfowl Regulations

Find out what is required to participate in youth waterfowl hunting days. More
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