Birding is popular because it’s easy to get started, and it offers increasingly greater rewards the more you learn. It’s also an inexpensive hobby—a field guide and pair of binoculars are all you need.

Best Missouri Birding Areas

Browse Missouri's top-ten best conservation areas for birding. More

Bird Behavior

Learning to recognize birds' many behaviors can help you identify and conserve them. More

Bird Habitats

Missouri birds use five general habitats: grasslands, towns and backyards, shrubby areas, forests and wetlands. More

Bird-ID Features

Birds are active and fast, and you often don't have much time to observe individuals. Learn to note key features that will help you identify species later. More

Birding Tools

To enjoy Missouri birding, all you need are binoculars and a good bird-ID field guide. More

Eagle Days

Missouri's winter eagle watching is spectacular. Find places to view eagles on your own, or join us at some of the many Eagle Days events scheduled around the state. More

Missouri's Shorebirds

A photo of a black-necked stilt.
With its large areas of mudflats and shallow water, the northwest region is your best bet for seeing shorebirds in Missouri. More
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