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Photo of a male greater prairie-chicken in courtship display

Greater Prairie-Chicken (Displaying Male)

Now endangered in Missouri, prairie-chickens breed from March through May. Cocks visit booming grounds (leks), where they dance, call, and fight among themselves. Hens visit the lek and select the most fit mate; mating occurs on the lek during April.

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Holiday Greetings 2014

Enjoy the holiday season with waterfowl in the wild from the Missouri Department of Conservation.  Discover more at Nature and You for over 75 years.

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photo of river otter

River Otter

Photo of river otter.

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Four Conservation Department employees subdue a mature whitetail buck.

... In all the wrong places

One deer's search for love led him to the Conservation's central office.

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A 10-point white-tailed deer buck stands in a field.

10-Point Buck

Conservation makes Missouri a great place to hunt and watch deer.

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