Learn to manage your land for pheasant, quail, turkey and prairie chicken—and improve your livestock forage base in the bargain.

Download our annually updated status report on Missouri's mourning doves.

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Pheasant Management

Browse guidelines for managing pheasants by habitat type on your Missouri property.

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Photo of a male greater prairie-chicken in courtship display

Prairie Chickens on Your Open Grasslands

Learn how to manage your large, open Missouri grasslands for prairie chickens.  

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Quail Management

Missouri's quail populations are declining. Help bring them back by establishing mosaics of shrub thickets, bare ground, fields with a diversity of grasses, wildflowers and crops and ungrazed woodlots. This section shows you how.

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Photo of male wild turkey in mating display

Wild Turkey Management

Turkeys use distinct habitats during different periods of the year. Learn how to create and maintain them on your land.

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