Backyard Wildlife

Provide food, water, and cover to turn your yard into a lively place full of fun-to-watch Missouri wildlife. Topics in this section show you how.

Backyard Bird Feeding

Learn what seeds, feeders and landscaping choices will attract which birds to your Missouri backyard.

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Bird-Feeding Stations

Select the right feeder types, the right seeds, and the right native plants to attract more birds to your Missouri yard.

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Backyard Habitat for Monarch Butterflies

Learn the requirements and plants suitable to make a backyard habitat for monarch butterflies.

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Don't Adopt Wildlife

Wild animals don't make good pets, and it is illegal to possess many wild animals without a valid state or federal permit. If you encounter young wildlife, leave it where you find it.

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Live Christmas Trees

After serving as a Christmas tree, a live Missouri evergreen can be planted outside to landscape your yard. All it takes is a little planning.

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This publication shows you how to use native-plant landscaping to attract wildlife.

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Windbreaks can improve wildlife habitat as well as reduce heating bills, provide protection from high winds and snow, and enhance landscape aesthetics. This page shows you how.

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