Use native trees and shrubs to improve wildlife habitat and soil and water conservation on your land. Order seedlings from Missouri's state forest nursery and browse planting tips.

Seedling Order How-To

Order a variety of tree and shrub seedlings for reforestation, windbreaks, and erosion control, as well as wildlife food and cover, from Nov. 1 to April 15 every year.

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Plan Before You Plant

Browse tips on planning, site preparation, seedling selection, spacing, quantity needed per acre and when to order your Missouri conservation seedlings.

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Seedling Planting and Care

Browse tree- and shrub-planting techniques, including hand planting, machine planting and tips on Missouri conservation seedling care.

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Tree Growth Chart

Browse info about the needs and cultural requirements for Missouri evergreens, shrubs and deciduous trees.

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George O. White Nursery

About Missouri's State Forest Nursery

The George O. White State Forest Nursery near Licking offers Missouri residents a variety of seedlings for reforestation, windbreaks, erosion control and wildlife habitat.

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