Missouri Forest Management Guidelines

Published in 2014, this reference provides science-based guidance to help professional foresters, private land managers, and forest landowners improve and sustain Missouri’s forests. Numerous illustrated examples show how forest best management practices work. These guidelines were developed with input from five technical teams comprised of scientists as well as people working in the forestry profession. While voluntary, these guidelines also make readers aware of laws that can influence forest management in Missouri.

We hope you will use these voluntary management guidelines to sustain Missouri’s forests for wildlife, people, and profit for generations to come.

Missouri Forest Management Guidelines Overview

This eight-page PDF includes the foreword, table of contents, and statement of purpose for the four-section Missouri Forest Management Guidelines publication. More

Missouri Forest Management Guidelines Unit 1

This illustrated, 74-page PDF includes background resource elements, including Missouri forest resources, wildlife habitat, natural heritage resources, visual quality, forested watersheds, cultural resources, soil and sustainable forestry, forest products, and forest health. More

Missouri Forest Management Guidelines Unit 2

This illustrated, 36-page PDF includes foundations of forest management, including forest management planning, generally accepted principles for silviculture, and the fundamentals of forest regeneration. More

Missouri Forest Management Guidelines Unit 3

This illustrated, 64-page PDF includes tending treatments, forest roads/trails, timber harvesting, pesticide use, fire management, and forest recreation management. More

Missouri Forest Management Guidelines Appendix

This 54-page PDF includes a backgrounder on forest certification, BMPs for common cultural resources, management pre-activity and post-activity check sheets, timber sale contract, resource directory, credits and acknowledgments, glossary of terms, and references. More
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