Table Bc07: Crayfish of the St. Francis River

Table Bc07: Crayfish of the St. Francis River.
Species Common Name
Procambarus clarkii Red swamp crayfish
P. acutus White River crayfish
P. viaeveridus Vernal crayfish
Cambarellus puer Cajun dwarf crayfish
C. shufeldtii Shufeldt's dwarf crayfish
Cambarus diogenes Devil crayfish
C. hubbsi Hubb's crayfish
Orconectes lancifer Shrimp crayfish
O. palmeri Gray-speckled crayfish
O. harrisoni Belted crayfish
O. luteus Golden crayfish
O. virilis Northern crayfish
O. punctimanus Spothanded crayfish
O. quadruncus St. Francis River crayfish
O. peruncus Big Creek crayfish
O. hylas Woodland crayfish

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