Table Wq04: Municipal and non-municipal waste water and water treatment facilities within the South Grand River Watershed

Table Wq04: Municipal and non-municipal waste water and water treatment facilities within the South Grand River Watershed in Missouri (MDNR 1998a, 2000b).
Facility Name County Facility Receiving Stream
A&M Quarries Sani Lan F Cass LAN F Trib. Knob Creek
Adrian WWTF Bates POTW S Fork Big Deer Creek
Amoco Pipeline Co. Freeman Cass OPIPE South Grand R.
Amoco-Freeman Oil Spill/L Cass SPILL Trib. Poney Creek
Angler's Camp Benton CAMP Trib. Harry Truman
Archie WWT Lagoon Cass POTW Eight Mile Creek
Belton WWTF Cass POTW East Creek
Bent Tree Harbor Subd Benton SUBD Trib. Truman Lake
Beyer Crushed Rock Co Cass QUARR Massey Creek
Billy Goat Industries Jackson INDUS Trib. Big Creek
Butterbaugh Mhp Jackson MHP Big Creek
Calhoun WW Lagoon Henry POTW M Fk Tebo Creek
Cass Co Midwy R-I Sch Dis Cass SKL Trib. To Poney Creek
Cass County Pwsd #7 Cass WATER Trib. S Grand R
Cedar Glade Subd Wwtp Benton SUBD Trib. Harry S Truman
Cheyennes Pettis EATS Trib. Elm Branch
Chilhowee Municipal WWTF Johnson POTW Br Norris Creek
Clinton Cuntry Club Henry SUBD Trib. Nordston Creek
Clinton WWTP Henry POTW Coal Creek
Const Ind Labor Train Sch Cass SKL East Creek
Country Creek Est WWTP Cass SUBD Trib. L. Harrisonville
Creighton WTP Cass WATER Trib. Knob Creek
Creighton WWTF Cass POTW Trib. Knob Creek
Crown Trailer Sales Inc Cass CIRES East Fk/S Grand R.
Cutler Lagoon Benton MOTEL Trib. Truman Reservoir
Davis R-12 Elem School Henry SKL Trib. Deep Water Creek
Deepwater Municipal WWTF Henry POTW Trib. Truman Res
Dupuis Redi-Mix Concrete Cass LIM Q Trib. Big Creek
Dupuis Redi-Mix Concrete Cass LIM Q E Br Big Creek
E Z Stop Inc Cass SER S Trib. Duncan Branch
Eagle Point Condo Camden SUBD Lake Of The Ozarks
Eagles Nest R.V. Resort Benton RESOR Truman Reservoir
East Lynne WW Stab Lagoon Cass POTW Trib. Camp Branch Creek
Ellis-Scott Sani Landfill Henry LAN F Fields Creek
Fischer Properties-Clinton Henry LIM Q Trib. Dillon Creek
Fischer Properties-Windsor Henry LIM Q Trib. E Fk Tebo Creek
Flying J Travel Plaza Cass TRU S Wolf Cr/E Br S Grand
Freeman WWTF Cass POTW Poney Creek
Garden City Municipal WWTF Cass POTW Trib. Panther Creek
Garden City WTP Cass WATER Trib. Panther Creek
Harrisonville Firework Lp Cass CONVN Trib. East Br
Harrisonville WWTF Cass POTW Town Cr
Henry County Pwsd #3-Clinton Henry WATER Pretty Bob Creek
Henry County Sani Landfill Henry LAN F Trib. Big Creek
Henry County Water Company Henry WATER Coal Creek
Hilty Quarries Quarles Henry LIM Q Fields Creek
Hilty Quarries-Brownington Henry LIM Q Big Otter Creek
Hilty Quarries-Montrose Henry LIM Q Trib. Davis Branch
Hilty Quarries-Mt Zion Qu Henry LIM Q Hay Creek
Hilty Quarries-Tightwad Henry LIM Q Sparrow Cr
Hilty Quarries-Urich Henry LIM Q Trib. White Oak Creek
Hilty Tightwad Quarry Henry LIM Q Trib. Truman Res
Inland Rivers Aggregate Henry LIM Q Cooper Creek
KCPL Montrose Station Henry STEAM Montrose Lake
King & King Enterprises Cass SER S Trib East Branch
Kingsville WW Stab. Lagoon Johnson POTW Big Creek.
Lafarge Construction Mat Henry LIM Q Trib. Truman Reservoir
Lakeland R-Iii School WWTP St. Clair SKL Trib. Big Otter Creek
Lees Summit Landfill Jackson LAN F Trib. Big Creek
Lees SummitBig Cr WWTP Jackson POTW Big Creek
Leesville R-9 School Henry SKL Trib. Cedar Creek
Leeton WWT Lagoon Johnson POTW Trib. Wade Creek
Les's Auto Center Henry CONVN Trib. Town Creek
Limpus Quarries Inc Cass LIM Q Trib. To East Branch
Limpus Quarries Inc #2 Cass QUAR Trib. To Owens Creek
Limpus Quarries Inc #3 Cass LIM Q Panther Creek
Limpus Quarries Inc #5 Cass LIM Q East Fork Wolf Creek
Lone Jack C-6 Sch Dist WW Jackson SKL Trib. E Br Crawford Cr
Louisburg Dot 100 Ln Rely Cass GAS Trib. Camp Branch
MDNR Harry S Truman St P Benton STROF Trib. Truman Lake
Mfa Oil Co Bulk-Windsor Henry TRU S Trib. E Fk Tebo Creek
Mfa-Clinton Bulk Storage Henry SER S Trib. Town Creek
Mfa-Harrisonville Bulk St Cass TRU S Town Cr East Br
Mma Greenwood Quarry Cass QUAR Big Creek
Mma Peculiar Quarry Cass LIM Q East Creek
Mo Baptist Childrens Home Cass HOME Trib. To East Branch
Montrose WW Lagoon Henry POTW Bear Creek
Oasis MHP Cass MHP Trib. W Fk East Creek
Olson Acres Cass SUBD Trib. West Fork
Panhandle Eastern Louisb Cass GAS Trib. Camp Br
Peculiar Spencer Addition Cass SUBD Trib. E Br/S Grand R.
Peculiar WWTP Cass POTW E Br South Grand R.
Pfizer Inc-Animal Health Jackson PHAR Trib. Cedar Creek
Pickering Place Inc WWTF Cass SUBD East Creek
Pleasant Hill Bank-291 WW Cass TRU S Trib. Polecat Creek
Pleasant Hill WWTF Cass POTW Big Creek
Quiktrip #200 Jackson SPILL Trib. Middle Big Creek
Raintree Lake Prop Own As Jackson POOL Raintree Lake
Raymore-Peculiar School Cass SKL Wolf Creek
Save A Dime Rentals Inc Henry MHP Trib. E Fk Tebo Creek
Shadow Hill Deer Cr W Henry POTW Deer Creek
Shadow Hill Deer Cr WWTF Henry SUBD Deer Creek
Shamrock Business Park Jackson CBLDG Trib. Big Creek
Sherwood School Lagoon Cass SKL Knob Creek
Slumber Inn Motel Cass MOTEL Trib. East Branch
Tebo Creek Lodge Henry MOTEL Trib. To Truman Lake
Trophy Estates Subd. Jackson SUBD E. Branch Big Creek
Truman Water Dist #2-Clinton Henry SLAND Trib. Harry S Truman
Truninger Bro Septic-Johnson Johnson SLDGE Trib. L Walnut Creek
Truninger Bros Septic-Cass Cass SLDGE Duncan Branch
Urich WWTF Henry POTW Trib. South Grand R
USAF G-1 - Lowry City St. Clair BASE Trib. Marshalls Creek
USAF I-1 - Quarles Henry BASE Trib. Fields Creek
USAF L-1 - Archie Cass BASE Trib. Sugar Creek
West Point Sub WWTF Henry SUBD Trib. Town Creek
Wheel House Villa/Marina Camden SUBD Lake Of The Ozarks
Williams Natural Gas-Sedalia Cass GAS Trib. S Grand R.
Windsor SE Lagoon Pettis POTW Elm Creek
Windsor SW Lagoon Henry POTW E Fk Tebo Creek
Wngc Lone Jack To St Cha Jackson HYDRO Trib. W Br Crawford Cr

Facility Codes

BASE-Military Base



CIRES-Combined Indus+restrooms

CONVN-Convenience Store


GAS-Hydrostatic Testing

GLASS-Manufacture Glass

HOME-Children's Home

HYDRO-hydrostatic testing

INDUS-General Indtry/Ind Park

LAN F-Landfill

LIM Q-Limestone Quarry

MHP-Mobile Home Park

MOTEL-Motel & Hotel

OPIPE-Oil Pipeline


POOL-Swimming pool

POTW-City Waste Water Plant



SER S-Service/Gas Stations SKL-School

SLAND-Stormwater Land Disturb.

SLDGE-Sludge disposal/haulers

SPILL-Spill Cleanup

STEAM-Steam Power Plant

STEEL-Steel Mfg.


STONE-Stone Crushing Wash

STROF-Stormwater runoff

SUBD-Public Subdivision

TRU S-Truck Stop

WATER-Public Water Treatment Plant

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