Table Wq01: DNR use designations for selected streams and impoundments within the South Grand River Watershed

Table Wq01: Missouri Department of Natural Resources use designations for selected streams and impoundments within the South Grand River Watershed in Missouri (MDNR 2001b). Locations are given in section, township, range format.
Stream Name Class1 Miles acres* From To Designated Use2
Adrian Lake L1 26 3,41N,31W lww,aql,dws
Amarugia Highlands Lake L3 55 10/11,43N,32W lww,aql,btg
Annette Lake L3 65 1,44N,33W lww,aql,btg
Archie Lake L1 3.5 SE,SE,28,43N,31W lww,aql,dws
Bluestem Lake L3 15 22,47N,31W 22,47N,31W lww,aql,btg
Bodarc Lake L3 15 23,47N,31W lww,aql,btg
Catclaw Lake L3 42 14,47N,31W lww,aql,btg
Cleveland Reservoir L1 8 29,45N,33W lww,aql,dws
Conner O. Fewell Lake L3 10 32/29,43N,25W lww,aql,btg
Coot Lake L3 22 22,47N,31W lww,aql,btg
Cottontail Lake L3 27 14,47N,31W lww,aql,btg
Creighton Lake L1 14 NW SE,14,43N,29W lww,aql,dws
Freeman Lake L1 13 SW,W18,44N,32W lww,aql,dws
Garden City Lake L1 22 31,44N,29W lww,aql,dws
Garden City New Lake L1 46 NW,18,43N,29W lww,aql,dws
Gopher Lake L3 42 23,47N,31W lww,aql,btg
Harrisonville City Lake L1 20 34,45N,31W lww,aql,btg,dws
Harrisonville Lake L1 385 SW,W26,46N,31W lww,aql,btg,dws
HS Truman Lake L2 55,600 (20,392) 7,40N,23W lww,aql,wbc,btg, dws
Jackrabbit Lake L3 31 15,47N,31W lww,aql,btg
KC Angler's Club Lake L3 25 SE18,46N,30W lww,aql,btg
KC Southern Lake L3 28 5,43N,33W lww,aql,btg
Lone Jack Lake L3 35 14,47N,30W lww,aql,btg
Luna Lake L3 17 SE,34,45N,31W lww,aql,btg
Montrose Lake L3 1,568 NE,W33,41N,27W lww,aql,ind
Nell Lake L3 31 15,47N,31W lww,aql,btg
North Lake L3 51 NW,NE28,45N,31W lww,aql,btg
Peculiar Lake L3 25 SE,SW,22,45N,32W lww,aql
Pleasant Hill Lake L1 115 SW,SE,1,46N,31W lww,aql,btg,dws
Plover Lake L3 15 15,47N,31W lww,aql,btg
Poague Wildlife Area Lake L3 77 19,42N,26W lww,aql,btg
Raintree Lake L3 300 6,46N,31W lww,aql,wbc,btg
Settles Ford C.A. Lakes L3 110 9-10,42N,29W lww,aql,btg
Silver Lake L3 59 SW,SW,16,46N,32W lww,aql,btg
Tebo Freshwater Lake L3 300 SW,SW,25,43N,25W lww,aql,btg
Windsor City Lake L3 20 06,43N,23W lww,aql
Winnebago Lake L3 350 NE,NW,9,46N,31W lww,aql,wbc,btg
Designated Impoundment Acres 59,587.5.5 (24,379.5)
Barkers Cr. C 13.0 Mouth 09,43N,23W lww,aql
Bear Cr. C 10.0 Mouth 2,44N,28W lww,aql
Bear Cr. C 7.0 Mouth 17,40N,27W lww,aql
Big Cr. P 61.3 Mouth Hwy. 150 lww,aql
Big Cr. C 4.3 Hwy. 150 20,47N,31W lww,aql
Big Cr. P 61.3 Mouth Hwy. 150 lww,aql
Big Deer Cr. C 4.0 Mouth 27,42N,31W lww,aql
Big Otter Cr. C 2.0 Mouth 31,40N,25W lww,aql
Black Cr. C 7.9 Mouth 35,43N,32W lww,aql
Brush Cr. P 3.2 Mouth 19,42N,23W lww,aql
Brush Cr. C 9.2 Mouth 30,43N,22W lww,aql
Camp Br. C 13.0 Mouth 28,45N,30W lww,aql
Camp Br. C 13.0 Mouth 28,45N,30W lww,aql
Cave Spring Cr. C 1.0 Mouth 5,43N,33W lww,aql
Clear Cr. C 4.0 Mouth 11,44N,30W lww,aql
Clear Cr. C 4.3 Mouth 27,42N,23W lww,aql
Coal Cr. P 3.0 Mouth 35,42N,26W lww,aql
Coldwater Cr. C 3.0 34,44N,31W 8,43N,33W lww,aql
Coopers Cr. C 6.5 Mouth 6,39N,26W lww,aql
Coopers Cr. C 6.5 Mouth 6,39N,26W lww,aql
Crawford Cr. C 5.0 Mouth 32,46N,29W lww,aql
Deepwater Cr. C 8.0 Mouth Montrose Lake Dam lww,aql
Deepwater Cr. C 12.0 35,41N,28W 18,40N,29W lww,aql
Deer Cr. C 0.5 Mouth 12,41N,26W lww,aql
Ditter Cr. C 1.2 Mouth 03,41N,23W lww,aql
Duck Cr. C 3.4 Mouth 32,43N,23W lww,aql
E. Br. Crawford Cr. C 2.0 32,46N,29W 20,46N,29W lww,aql
E. Fk. Tebo Cr. C 12.0 31,43N,24W 35,44N,24W lww,aql
East Br. C 12.0 Mouth 1,44N,32W lww,aql
East Cr. C 7.0 2,44N,33W 31,46N,33W lww,aql
Eight Mile Cr. C 16.8 Mouth 36,44N,31W lww,aql
Elk Fk. C 4.5 Mouth 35,42N,30W lww,aql
Elm Br. C 3.0 Mouth 12,43N,24W lww,aql
Granddaddy's Cr. C 1.0 Mouth 26,41N,28W lww,aql
Harding Cr. C 2.0 Mouth 15,43N,33W lww,aql
Harless Cr. C 2.0 34,44N,31W 28,44N,33W lww,aql
Honey Cr. C 10.0 Mouth 24,43N,27W lww,aql
L. Deer Cr. C 3.0 Mouth 31,42N,30W lww,aql
Lick Br. C 6.9 Month 19,43N,29W lww,aql
Marshalls Cr. C 9.5 Mouth 33,40N,27W lww,aql
Massey Cr. C 6.0 2,44N,33W 20,45N,33W lww,aql
Middle Big Cr. C 8.0 Mouth Lake Winnebago Dam lww,aql
Middle Fk. Tebo Cr. C 6.5 Mouth 6,43N,24W lww,aql
Mormon Fk. C 13.5 Mouth 19,42N,32W lww,aql
Mouse Cr. C 1.0 15,47N,32W 22,47N,32W lww,aql
N. Deepwater Cr. C 4.0 Mouth 35,41N,29W lww,aql
Norris Cr. C 4.0 Mouth 33,44N,27W lww,aql
Owens Cr. C 3.0 Mouth 21,43N,32W lww,aql
Panther Cr. C 7.0 Mouth 15,44N,29W lww,aql
Poney Cr. P 3.2 Mouth 13,44N,33W lww,aql
Poney Cr. C 9.1 13,44N,33W State Line lww,aql
S. Deepwater Cr. C 1.0 Mouth 20,40N,29W lww,aql
S. Fk. S. Grand R. C 10.0 Mouth 34,44N,33W lww,aql
S. Grand R. P 48.0 Mouth 2,44N,33W lww,aql,btg
Sand Cr. C 15.0 Mouth 12,43N,26W lww,aql
Sparrow Foot Cr. C 2.0 Mouth 15,41N,25W lww,aql
Sugar Cr. C 15.1 Mouth 33,44N,30W lww,aql
Tebo Cr. P 4.0 Mouth 6,42N,24W lww,aql
Tebo Cr. C 0.5 6,42N,24W 31,43N,24W lww,aql
Tebo Cr. C 3.5 Mouth 19,44N,21W lww,aql
Tennessee Cr. C 7.0 Mouth 34,44N,31W lww,aql
Trib. M. Fk. Tebo Cr C 0.5 9,43N,24W 3,43N,24W lww,aql
Trib. M. Fk. Tebo Cr C 0.5 Mouth 5,43N,24W lww,aql
Trib. M. Fk. Tebo Cr C 3.5 Mouth 36,43N,24W lww,aql
Trib. M. Fk. Tebo Cr C 1.0 17,43N,24W 17,43N,24W lww,aql
Trib. M. Fk. Tebo Cr. C 1.0 Mouth 36,44N,25W lww,aql
Trib. to Barkers Cr. C 1.0 Mouth 15,42N,24W lww,aql
Trib. to Big Cr. C 3.8 Mouth Lake Harrisonville lww,aql
Trib. to Big Otter Cr. C 1.0 Mouth 32,40N,25W lww,aql
Trib. to Brush Cr. C 1.6 Mouth 15,42N,23W lww,aql
Trib. to Clear Cr. C 0.6 Mouth 28,42N,23W lww,aql
Trib. to Coopers Cr. C 2.0 Mouth 4,39N,26W lww,aql
Trib. to Coopers Cr. C 2.0 Mouth 4,39N,26W lww,aql
Trib. to East Cr. C 1.0 Mouth 32,46N,32W lww,aql
Trib. to Massey Cr. C 3.0 Mouth 33,45N,33W lww,aql
W. Br. Crawford Cr. C 12.2 Mouth 21,47N,30W lww,aql
W. Fk. East Cr. C 5.0 Mouth 26,46N,33W lww,aql
W. Fk. Tebo Cr. C 7.0 Mouth Hwy. 52 lww,aql
Wades Cr. C 8.0 Mouth 33,44N,25W lww,aql
White Oak Cr. C 3.0 Mouth 28,42N,28W lww,aql
Designated Stream Miles 636.4

Note: This table is not presented as a final authority.

1 L1-Lakes used primarily for public drinking water supply.

L2-Major reservoirs.

L3-Other lakes which are waters of the state. For effluent regulation purposes, publicly owned lakes are thosefor which a substantial portion of the surrounding lands are publicly owned or managed.

P-Streams that maintain permanent flow even in drought periods.

C-Streams that may cease flow in dry periods but maintain permanent pools which support aquatic life.

2 lww-livestock & wildlife watering


aql-protection of warm water aquatic life

wbc-whole body contact recreation and human health-fish consumption.

btg-boating & canoeing

dws-drinking water supply


*Acres given for Impoundments.

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Conservation pays by enriching our economy and quality of life.

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