Table Lu04: Public lands within the South Grand River Watershed

Table Lu04: Public lands within the South Grand River Watershed. Acreage and permanent stream mile estimates are approximate.
Area NameOwner1Acres*Permanent Stream Miles
Amarugia Highlands CA MDC 1,039 0.5
Bittern Bottoms CA MDC 63 0.0
Chapel View Prairie CA MDC 384 0.0
Conner O. Fewel CA MDC 324 0.0
Dorsett Hill Prairie CA MDC 76 0.0
Harry S. Truman Reservoir USCOE 72,001 (30,807) N/A
Haysler Poague CA MDC 889 0.0
James A. Reed Memorial WA MDC 2,621 2.3
James R. Harter CA MDC 453 1.2
Ladue Bottoms CA MDC 347 0.9
Montrose CA MDC 67 0
Montrose CA KCPL 2,376 (2,376) 2.48
Settle's Ford CA MDC 6,546 13.0
Truman State Park MDNR 1,317 0.0
Urich Access MDC 2 0.1
Urich CA MDC 470 0.1
Missouri Department of Conservation Total 13,281+(33,183) 21.3
South Grand River Watershed Total 88,975 20.58

Note: This table is not a final authority. Data subject to change.

1Owner: MDC=Missouri Department of Conservation

MDNR=Missouri Department of Natural Resources

USCOE=United States Corps of Engineers

KCPL=Kansas City Power and Light *Acreages in parenthesis are leased by MDC.

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Conservation pays by enriching our economy and quality of life.

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