Table Wq02: Potential point-source pollution sites in the Salt River basin

Table Wq02: Potential point-source pollution sites in the Salt River basin (MDNR unpublished). WWTF = Waste Water Treatment Facility.
Source County Receiving Stream Location
Bowling Green WWTF Pike Peno Cr. 27 53n 3w
Center WWTF Ralls Sugar Cr. 30 55n 5w
Curryville WWTF Pike trib. to Spencer Cr. 21 53n 4w
Frankford WWTF Pike trib. to Peno Cr. 35 55n 4w
New London WWTF Ralls trib. to Salt R. 6 55n 4w
Greentop WWTF Schuyler trib. to North Fork 15 64n 15w
Brashear WWTF Adair Hog Br. 29 62n 13w
Clarence WWTF Shelby Cat Br./North Fork 9 57n 12w
Kirksville WWTF Adair Bear Cr. 22 62n 15w
Queen City WWTF Schuyler North Fork 26 65n 15w
Shelbina WWTF Shelby trib. to Clear Cr. 29 56n 10w
Shelbyville WWTF Shelby trib. to Black Cr. 36 58n 10w
Cairo WWTF Randolph trib. to Mud Cr. 36 55n 14w
Jacksonville WWTF Randolph Hoover Cr. 3 55n 14w
Clark WWTF Randolph Big Cr. 23 52n 13w
Macon WWTF Macon Sewer Cr. 14 57n 14w
Madison WWTF Monroe trib. to Elk Fork 6 54n 13w
Moberly WWTF Randolph trib. to Coon Cr. 6 53n 13w
Paris WWTF Monroe Middle Fork 11 54n 10w
Renick WWTF Randolph Coon Cr. 30 53n 15w
Sturgeon WWTF Boone Saling Cr. 4 51n 12w
Moberly Corrections Randolph trib. to Coon Cr. 25 53n 14w
Centralia WWTF Boone Goodwater Cr. 9 51n 11w
Laddonia WWTF Audrain Youngs Cr. 12 51n 11w
Perry WWTF Ralls Lick Cr. 28 54n 7w
Mexico Works Audrain South Fork 3 51n 9w
Mexico WWTF Audrain South Fork 24 51n 9w
AP Green Indust. Audrain South Fork 36 51n 9w
N. Amer. Refractories Audrain E. Lick Cr. 21 52n 6w

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