Table Wq01: Select water quality data for the Salt River

Table Wq01: Select water quality data for the Salt River near New London, Missouri in 1986 (USGS 1987).
Parameter State Standards 1986 Water Year
Temperature (F) 90 max       34-80
Specific Conductance (micromhos/cm)         132-270
pH   6.5-9.0     6.8-8.8
Coliform, fecal (cols/100ml)       200 non-storm runoff 4k-26,000k
Hardness, total (mg/L as CaCO3)         59-130
Alkalinity, total (mg/L as CaCO3)         44-105
Nitrogen, Ammonia (mg/L as N) depends on pH and temperature       0.02-0.11
Phosphorus, total (mg/L as P)         0.18-1.1
Manganese, dissolved (microgram/L as Mn)   50   50 29-43
Iron, dissolved (microgram/L as Fe) 1,000 300   300 15-760
Solids, residue susp. (mg/L as 356 degrees)         96-184
Oxygen, dissolved (mg/L) 5       6.4-14.4

I: protection of aquatic life

III: drinking water supply

VI: whole body contact recreation

VII: groundwater

K: non-ideal colony counts

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Conservation pays by enriching our economy and quality of life.

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