Table Wq06: Facilities with airborne pollutant emissions in the Sac River basin

Table Wq06: Facilities with airborne pollutant emissions in the Sac River basin.
Facility Facility ID Address City
Aarons Automotive Products Inc MOD981509268 2600 North Westgate Springfield
Acme Structural Inc MOD985775527 2101 North Packer Springfield
Advanced Plating Co Inc MOD985797570 504 S. Hampton Springfield
Allen Quarries MOD007448459 Allen Quarries Inc. Lockwood
Allen Quarries MOD007448459 5 mi. SE off Hwy 160 Lockwood
Associated Wholesale Grocers MOD006865935 3201 E. Davidson Springfield
Bailey Quarries MOD985812759 Hwy Z Stockton
Bailey Quarries MOD147983605 Chesapeake Quarry Chesapeake
Bass Pro Sportsman's Park MOD043941798 2500 E. Kearney Springfield
Bristol Manufacturing MOD985819374 2020 E. Dale Springfield
Calvert Manufacturing Co. MO0001563675 700 W. Chase Springfield
Conco Quarry Co. MOD980742282 Hwy 160 Willard
Consolidated Nutrition, LC MOD057902546 1300 W. Locust Springfield
Explosives Energies INC MOD985774611 Route Bb Greenfield
Greenfield Concrete Product Inc. MOD985813922 Hwy 160 Greenfield
Griffon Casket CO MOD985818749 105 N. Tower Ash Grove
Hammons Products Co. MOD985814961 217 Hammons Drive Stockton
Holiday Inn Conoco MO0001563741 2650 Colenstone Springfield
Kerr McGee Chemical Corp. MOD007129406 2800 W. High Street Springfield
Killingsworth Mill 000007210064 Willard
Koch Materials Company MOT300011061 3156 E. Division Springfield
Leo Journagan Const. Co. Inc. MO0001478437 Kearney & Lecompte Roads Springfield
Litton Systems Inc. MOD007152903 4811 W. Kearney Springfield
Master Tune Inc. MO0001538826 2317 N. Glenstone Springfield
Masters Jackson Asphalt MOD134955392 Hwy 160 Willard
MFA Inc., Bulk Plant MO0001562859 P.O. Box 334 Lockwood
Ozarks Circuits Inc MOD107100356 933 W. Chase Springfield
Pennington Seed Inc. MO0001562594 Hwy 160 Greenfield
Phenix Rock 000007209242 Phenix Walnut Grove
R&R Quarry 000007209948 Fairplay
Ralston Purina MOD049572449 2726 W. Division Springfield
Razorback Pipeline MO0001564830 Hwy 96 Miller
Reckitt & Coleman MOD052308442 4455 Mustard Way Springfield
Rich Mix Products Inc MOD048245500 3045 W. Atlantic Springfield
Springfield Railway Services MOD175621044 1849 N. Park Springfield
Stewart-Nattinger MOD007133606 1650 E. Atlantic Springfield
Superior Carbon Inc. MO0001563634 Hwy 123 & F.R. 51 Walnut Grove
Taylor Quarries MO0001562792 Route 3 Lockwood
Viles and Sons Paving MOD985776657 Route 1 Box 103 Brighton
Willard Block Inc. MO0001563667 P.O. Box 68 Willard
Williams Pipeline Co MO0001478619 Springfield Terminal Springfield

Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency website (2000).

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