Table Wq05: Facilities that are involved with hazardous wastes in the Sac River basin

Table Wq05: Facilities that are involved with hazardous wastes in the Sac River basin.
Facility Facility ID Address City
ABC Pictures Inc. MOD981509268 1867 E. Florida Springfield
Aarons Automotive Products MOD981509268 2600 N. Westgate Springfield
Ace Transmission Service & Supply MO0000192823 2610 W. Kearney Springfield
Acme Structural MOD985775527 2101 N Packer Rd Springfield
Advance Plating Inc. MOD985797570 504 Hampton Street Republic
Air Midwest Inc. MOD063690234 5000 W. Kearney Springfield
AT&T Long Lines MOD980518492 Everton
Associated Wholesale MOD006865935 3201 E. Division Springfield
Barclay Enterprise Jiffy Lube MOD985775899 850 E. Kearney Springfield
Bass Pro Shops Inc. MOD082130378 1935 S. Campbell Springfield
Bathroom Magic of the Ozarks Inc MOD067944983 1915 N. National Springfield
Be Mac Transport Co. Inc. MOD050719558 2854 E. Kearney Avenue Springfield
Bristol Manufacturing MOD985819374 2020 E. Dale Springfield
C & P Truck Body Equipment Co MOD030651962 1948 NW Bypass Springfield
Catt MOD981721004 2525 E. Kearney Springfield
Central Soya of Springfield MOD057902546 1300W. Locust Springfield
City Utilities Material Yard MOD000647198 1318 W. Division Springfield
Classic Trailer Inc MOD981724990 1625 NW Bypasss Springfield
Commercial Plastics Co. Inc. MO0000076000 3005 E. Hwy 60 Republic
Coose Trailers Manufacturing Inc. MOD093807410 Route 2 Box 152 A Lockwood
Dancey Collision Repair Inc. MOD098271257 2615 E. Kearney Springfield
Deer Lake Golf Course LLC MO0000972216 5544 W. Chestnut Springfield
Engines Plus Inc MOD985770114 1824 NW Bypass Springfield
Engines Plus Inc. MOD981724222 3440 G W. Division Springfield
Family Dry Cleaners MOD082138298 426 N. Hwy 60 Republic
Fulbright Water Treatment Plant MOD985772623 4100 N. Stagecoach Springfield
GM Finishing MOD985771906 1851 E. Florida Springfield
General Tire SVC MOD050708668 1835 N. Glenstone Springfield
Greene County Highway Dept MOD985768837 2065 N. Clifton Springfield
Griffin Casket Co. MOD985818749 101 N. Tower Ash Grove
Handcrafted Hardwood Inc MO0001005602 1545 NW Bypass Springfield
Heavy Duty Rebuild Supply MOD131572794 1943 E. Blaine Springfield
Hendrick Diesel MOD181786310 2643 E. Kearney Springfield
Hiland Dairy Co. MOD981707573 1133 E. Kearney Springfield
Hill Plating Inc MOD981719370 1547 E. Florida Springfield
Kerr McGee Chemical Corp. MOD007129406 2800 W. High Street Springfield
Kodiak Trailer Manufacturing MO0000486456 Route 2 Box 191 Lockwood
Legendary-Autoworks & Detail MO0000139188 2051-A E. Kearney Springfield
Litton Systems Inc. MOD007152903 4811 W. Kearney Springfield
Lorren Cook Co. MOD981120595 2015 E. Dale Springfield
M D Pneumatics Inc. MOD981715600 4840 W. Kearney Springfield
Missouri Avcrad MO7211829505 2501 Lester Jones Springfield
Missouri Hwy & Transportation MOD981726029 3025 E. Kearney Springfield
Mono Manufacturing Co. MOD007133945 Hwy 160 West Springfield
National Oil Suppliers MOD031141187 2345 W. Kearney Springfield
Ole King Cole Dry Cleaners MOD053705232 2901-I N. Glenstone Springfield
Ozark Circuits MOD107100356 933 W. Chase Springfield
Ozark Kenworth MOD053976221 3301 E. Kearney Springfield
Ozarks Coca-Cola Btlg. Co. MOD985774868 1777 N. Packer Rd. Springfield
Palmerton & Parrish Inc MOD985775550 2835 E. Division Unit K Springfield
Peterbilt Body Shop MOD985771831 2145 E. Kearney Springfield
Peterbilt of Springfield Inc. MOD981705734 2725 N. Eastgate Springfield
Pinegar Chevrolet Inc. MOD042860403 401 N. Hwy 60 Springfield
Polar Custom Trailers MO0001837368 4825 E. Kearney Springfield
Preferred Truck Service MOD981705718 1950 E. Kearney Springfield
Prime Inc. MOD059199497 2740 N. Mayfair Springfield
Radium Petroleum MOD058936493 1914 E .Blaine Springfield
Reckitt & Coleman MOD052308442 4455 Mustard Way Springfield
Reckitt & Coleman 000007614044 4443 Mustard Way Springfield
Redi Strip of the Ozarks MOD980686802 1828 Nias Springfield
Republic Ford Inc. MOD047941240 Hwy 60 South Republic
Resource Services Inc. MOD980850960 2457 E. Livingston Springfield
Ridewell Corporation MOD985768936 Hwy 65 & F.R. 94 Springfield
Sitton Motor Lines MOD985822717 2320 N. Belcrest Springfield
Sloan Body Shop MOD985767979 Route 6 Springfield
South Central Container Inc MO0001363217 1830 N. Nias Springfield
Southwest Missouri Truck Center MOD054085691 2527 N. Eastgate Springfield
Sportsman Park Center 000007513328 2500B E. Kearney Springfield
Springfield Coach Builders MO0000861039 1725 N. Packer Rd Springfield
Springfield Drivetrain Specialists MOD985806884 2230 N. Packer Road Springfield
Springfield Freightliner Sales MOD062887484 3164 N. Glenstone Springfield
Springfield Freightliner Sales MO0001837236 3020 E. Division Springfield
Springfield Fulbright Landfill MOD980631139 Green County Road 188 Springfield
Springfield Remanufacturing Center Corp. MOD000610634 4860 W. Maple Street Springfield
Springfield Truck Auto MOD985798784 4005 Kearney Springfield
Springfield Truck Auto MOD985771583 1830 W. Division Springfield
SRC Automotive MOD007126154 2029 N. Golden Springfield
Sunbelt Environmental Services MOD985813211 1820 N. Nias Springfield
Sunbelt Industrial Services MOD985768670 2701 N. National Springfield
Sunbelt Industrial Services MOD985792746 2032 E. Kearney Springfield
Sunbelt Industrial Services MOD985798966 1836 N. Barnes Springfield
Superior Gearbox Co MOD081638314 W. Hwy 32 Stockton
Superior Solvents and Chemicals MOD981129075 2055 E. Blaine Springfield
T&T Auto & Truck Cleanup MOD058936493 1914 East Blaine Springfield
T&T Auto & Truck Cleanup MOD058936493 1914 East Blaine Springfield
T&T Auto & Truck Cleanup MO0000992552 1710 N. Barnes Springfield
Thermoking of Springfield MOD031145709 1353 NW Bypass Springfield
Trailiner Corp MO0000031443 2169 E. Blaine Springfield
Trans State Airline MOD985810688 5000 W. Kearney Springfield
Trinity Rail Services PLT 387 MOD175621044 1849 N. Park Ave Springfield
TSD Laboratories MOD985796408 1612 N. Lexington Springfield
Ulrich Marine Ctr MOD985775121 1111 N. Hwy 60 Springfield
Vinyl Moldings Inc MO0001363209 6302 W. Farm Rd 84 Springfield
Vinyl Moldings Inc MOD055691018 1641 E. Florida St Springfield
W K Missouri Associates Ltd MOD985819895 2610 N. Glenstone Springfield
Walmart Stores Inc MOD149962268 1923 E. Kearney Springfield
Welches Overall Cleaning Co MOD000639765 907 W. Chase St Springfield
Western Lithotech MOD030700678 2625 N. Neergard Springfield
Whitener Trucking MOD985799394 2160 E. Thoman Springfield
Wilcorp Inds, Inc. MOD175621044 304 S.W. Main Billings
Yellow Freight Systems MO0001837384 2121 E. Kearney St Springfield
Zenith Electronics Corp. MOD043941798 2500 E. Kearney Springfield

Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency website (2000).

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