Table Wq04: Toxic release inventory facilities in the Sac River basin

Table Wq04: Toxic release inventory facilities in the Sac River basin.
Facility Facility ID Address City
Aarons Automotive Products MOD981509268 2600 N. Westgate Springfield
Acme Structural Inc. MOD985775527 2101 N. Packer Rd. Springfield
Conoco Inc. - Mt. Vernon Prods. MO0002376564 15138 Hwy. 96 Mt Vernon
Explosives Energies Inc. MOD985774611 Route BB Greenfield
Hiland Dairy Co. MOD981707573 1133 E. Kearney Springfield
Kerr McGee Chemical Corp. MOD007129406 2800 W. High Street Springfield
Lajet Inc. MOD981719370 1547 E. Florida Springfield
Litton Systems Inc. MOD007152903 4811 W. Kearney Springfield
Lorren Cook Co. MOD981120595 2015 E. Dale Springfield
Master Builders Inc. MOD048245500 3045 W. Atlantic St. Springfield
Master Mix Feeds MOD057902546 1300 W. Locust Springfield
Ozark Circuits Inc. MOD107100356 933 W. Chase Springfield
Ozarks Coca-Cola Btlg. Co. MOD985774868 1777 N. Packer Rd. Springfield
Pepsi Cola General Bottlers Inc. MOD985774900 2200 E. Turner Springfield
Purina Mills MOD049572449 2726 W. Davidson St. Springfield
Rainbow Coatings Corp. MOD007126154 2029 N. Golden Springfield
Ridewell Corporation MOD985768936 Hwy 65 & F.R. 94 Springfield
Royal Oak Ents. Inc 000006747608 Off HW 23 Huntsville, AR
Springfield Railway Services MOD175621044 1849 N. Park Ave. Springfield
Stainless Fabrication Inc. MO0000892166 4455 W. Kearney Springfield
Superior Gearbox Co. MOD081638314 W. Hwy 32 Stockton
Wilcorp Inds, Inc. MOD175621044 304 S.W. Main Billings
Zenith Electronics Corp. MOD043941798 2500 E. Kearney Springfield

Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency website (2000).

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