Table Wq03: Permitted point source discharges in the Sac River basin

Table Wq03: Permitted point source discharges in the Sac River basin.
Facility1 Type Facility Design PE2 Receiving Stream NPDES Permit
Fair Play South WWTF 1 Cell lagoon 376 Tributary of Barren Creek 0031305
Fair Play West WWTF 1 Cell lagoon 159 Tributary of Bear Creek 0043931
Humansville WWTF 1 Cell lagoon 2,650 Brush Creek 0025739
Lockwood WWTF Trickling Filter 2 Cell Lagoon 900 Horse Creek 0030473
Stockton WWTF 3 Cell Lagoon 1,200 Stockton Branch 0055280
Stockton Lake Powerhouse Extended Aeration 5 Sac River 0099244
Maple Hill Mobile Home Park 2 Cell Lagoon 172 Tributary of Bear Creek 0045691
Old Mill PUA 1 Cell Lagoon Sac River 0060151
Greenfield North WWTF 1 Cell Lagoon 200 Tributary of Wetzel Creek 0055638
Greenfield West WWTF 2 Cell Lagoon 2,560 Wetzel Creek 0055590
Stockton PUA 1 Cell Lagoon Stockton Lake 0060071
Orleans Trail PUA 1 Cell Lagoon Stockton Lake 0059374
Orleans Trail PUA Extended Aeration 100 Stockton Lake 0030287
American Resorts Extended Aeration 72 Tributary to Stockton Lake 0093220
Hawker Point(N) PUA 1 Cell Lagoon Stockton Lake 0060135
Hawker Point(S) PUA 1 Cell Lagoon Stockton Lake 0060143
Ruark Bluff PUA 1 Cell Lagoon Stockton Lake 0060089
Mutton Creek(S) PUA 1 Cell Lagoon Stockton Lake 0060160
Mutton Creek(N) PUA 1 Cell Lagoon Stockton Lake 0060178
Mutton Creek Marina 2 Cell Lagoon Stockton Lake 0059382
Stockton State Park 1 Cell Lagoon 80 Stockton Lake 0095893
Mt. Carmel Estates Extended Aeration 342 Stockton Lake 0035530
Cedar Ridge PUA 1 Cell Lagoon Stockton Lake 0060101
Masters PUA 1 Cell Lagoon Stockton Lake 0060119
Crabtree Cove PUA 1 Cell Lagoon Stockton Lake 0060127
Ash Grove WWTF* Sac River MO0001750538
Litton Systems Inc.* MOD007152903
MHTD I-44 Rest Area* 3 Cell Lagoons Tributary of Johnson Creek MO0001744044
Springfield NW WWTF* Extended Aeration Little Sac River MOD985770288
Republic WWTF Dry Branch MO0022098
Billings WWTF Turnback Creek MO0042480
Alpine Village MHP Extended Aeration Tributary to Pond Creek MO0052281
Jump Oil & Propane Septic Tank Coon Creek MO0098191
Collins Waste Treatment and Col 1 Lagoon Coon Creek MO0103756
Springfield Sanitary Landfill North Dry Sac River MO0106658
Walnut Grove WWTF Sugar Creek MO0107174
Git-N-Go Store #86 Septic Tank Tributary to Little Sac MO0113123
Roadway Express Tributary to South Dry Sac MO0113476
Kerr-Mcgee Chemical Tributary to Spring Branch MO0117331
McDaniel Lake Little Sac River MO0117340
Willard Elementary WWTF Septic Tank Tributary to Rainer Branch MO0117455
Flemington WWTF 3 Cell Lagoons Rule Creek MO0118982
Pleasant View Estate WWTF Septic Tank Stockton Lake MO0119628
Good Samaritan Boys Ranch Septic Tank Tributary of North Dry Sac River MO0123277
Cedar Ridge PUA* 1 Lagoon Stockton Lake MO0001742527

1 - WWTF = Wastewater Treatment Facility, PUA = Public Use Area

2 - Human Population Equivalent, blank cells indicate a 1 time per year seasonal discharge of less than 250,000 gallons Source: MDNR (Vol 4).,

*EPA PCS(water dischargers) listing (SYW 1999)

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