Table Bc05: Fish stockings within the Platte River basin

Table Bc05: Fish stockings within the Platte River basin, except channel catfish, bluegill, and largemouth bass (MDC files; Mike McGhee IADNR, personal communication).
Water body County Species Stocked
Smithville Lake Clinton, Clay Flathead catfish, Black crappie, White crappie, Fathead minnow, Walleye, Tiger muskie (Esox masquinongy x Esox lucius)*, Blue catfish (Ictalurus furcatus)*
Nodaway County Community Lake Nodaway Gizzard shad, White crappie, Fathead minnow, Northern pike, Tiger muskie*, Grass carp*, Redear sunfish*
Limpp Lake Gentry Fathead minnow, Grass carp*, Redear sunfish*
Mozingo Lake Nodaway Walleye, Redear sunfish*
Kendzora Lake Platte Redear sunfish*
Platte River Andrew Platte Nodaway Spotted bass*
Belcher Branch Lake Buchanan Fathead minnow, Redear sunfish*
Happy Holler Lake Andrew Fathead minnow, Redear sunfish*
Green Valley State Park Lake Union, IA Redear sunfish*, Tiger muskie*, Northern pike
Summit Lake Union, IA Walleye, Tiger muskie*, Muskellunge (Esox masquinongy)*, Northern pike
Blockton Lake Taylor, IA Flathead catfish, Redear sunfish*, Black crappie
Wilson Co. Park Lake Taylor, IA Walleye, Grass carp*
Windmill Lake Taylor, IA Walleye
Lake of Three Fires Taylor, IA Flathead catfish, White crappie, Black crappie, Tiger muskie*

* indicates non-native to basin

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