Table Bc03: Mussels expected to occur in the West Osage River Basin

Mussels expected to occur in the West Osage River Basin in west-central Missouri (Oesch 1984). Mussels incidently collected by Departmentfisheries biologists (MDC) are noted.
Species Common Name MDC Commercial Use*
Alasmidonta marginata Elk toe N
Amblema plicata Three-ridge X CP, PC, B
Anodonta grandis grandis Giant floater N
Anodonta imbecilis Paper pond shell N
Arcidens confragosus Rock pocketbook N
Cumberlandia monodonta Spectacle case N
Cyclonaias tuberculata Purple pimpleback N
Cyprogenia aberti Western fan-shell N
Ellipsaria lineolata Butterfly CP, PC, B
Elliptio dilatata Lady-finger X N/P - PC
Fusconaia flava Wabash pig-toe CP, PC, B
Lampsilis teres anodontoides Yellow sand shell IM, PC, B
Lampsilis teres teres Slough sand shell IM, PC, B
Lampsilis radiata luteola Fat mucket PC, B
Lampsilis ventricosa Pocketbook PC, B
Lasmigona complanata White heel-splitter X N/P - PC
Lasmigona costata Fluted shell N
Leptodea fragilis Fragile paper shell X N
Ligumia recta Black sand shell IM, B
Ligumia subrostrata Pond mussel N
Megalonaias nervosa Washboard CP, B
Obliquaria reflexa Three-horned warty-back N/P - PC
Obovaria olivaria Hickory-nut N
Pleurobema coccineum Round pig-toe X PC, B
Potamilus alatus Pink heel-splitter N/P - PC
Potamilus ohioensis Pink paper shell N
Quadrula metanevra Monkey-face CP, PC, B
Quadrula pustulosa Pimple-back CP, PC, B
Quadrula quadrula Maple leaf X CP, B
Strophitus u. undulatus Squaw foot N
Toxolasma parvus Lilliput shell N
Tritogonia verrucosa Buckhorn/Pistol-grip X CP, B
Truncilla donaciformis Fawn's foot N
Truncilla truncata Deer-toe X N
Uniomerus tetralasmus Pond-horn X N
Venustaconcha e. ellipsiformis Ellipse N

*N = none, P = potential use, CP = cultured pearl, PC = polished chip, I = inlay material, B = button (historically)

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