Table Bc10: Species of Conservation Concern found in the East Osage River Basin

Table 10: Species of Conservation Concern found in the East Osage River Basin and conservation status and rank.
Common Name Scientific Name Federal Status State Status State Rank Global Rank
Shaggy moss Rhytidiadelphus triquetrus G5
Tussock sedge Carex stricta G5
Hairy-fruited sedge Carex trichocarpa S1 G4
Brown bog sedge Carex buxbaumii S2 G5
Smooth sheath sedge Carex laevivaginata S3 G5
Type of sedge Carex fissa var. fissa S1 G3G4
Broadwing sedge Carex alata S2S3 G4
Sharp-scaled manna grass Glyceria acutiflora S3 G5
Bald grass Sporobolus ozarkanus S4
Type of liverwort Preissia quadrata G5
Waterwort Elatine triandra G5
Buffalo clover Trifolium reflexum S3S4 G5
Running buffalo clover Trifolium stoloniferum E E S1 G3
Heart-leaved plantain Plantago cordata S3S4 G4
Yellow-flowered leafcup Smallanthus uvedalius S4 G4G5
Royal catchfly Silene regia S3 G3
Butternut Juglans cinerea S2 G3G4
Type of wild hyacinth Camassia angusta S3 G5
Mead's Milkweed Asclepias meadii T E S2 G2
Yellow-flowered horse gentian Triosteum angustifolium var eamesii S1 G5
Pale avens Geum virginianum S1 G5
Shining ladies' tresses Spiranthes lucida S3 G5
Northern rein orchid Platanthera flava var herbiola S2 G4
Tradescant aster Aster dumosus var strictior S2 G5
Queen of the prairie Filipendula rubra S2 G4G5
Wild sweet William Phlox maculata ssp pyramidalis S2 G5
Hickorynut Obovaria olivaria S2S3 G4
Black sandshell Ligumia recta S1S2 G5
Pink mucket Lampsilis abrupta E E S2 G2
Spectaclecase Cumberlandia monodanta S3 G2G3
Elephant-ear Elliptio crassidens E S1 G5
Rock-pocketbook Arcidens confragosus S3 G4
Giant floater Pyganodon grandis corpulenta S3S4 G5
Prairie mole cricket Gryllotalpa major S3 G3
Type of winter stonefly Allocapnia pygmaea S3 G5
Gray petaltail Tachopteryx thoreyi G4
Regal fritillary Speyeria idalia S3 G3
Lake sturgeon Acipenser fulvescens E S1 G3
Blacknose shiner Notropis heterolepis S2 G5
Ghost shiner Notropis buchanani S2 G5
Western silvery minnow Hybognathus argyritis S2 G5
Paddlefish Polyodon spathula S3 G4
Northern pike Esox lucius S4 G5
Alabama shad Alosa alabamae C S2 G3
Mooneye Hiodon tergisus S2 G5
Blue sucker Cycleptus elongatus S3 G3
Highfin carpsucker Carpiodes velifer S2 G4G5
Southern cavefish Typhlichthys subterraneus S1S2 G3
Plains topminnow Fundulus sciadicus S3 G3
Least darter Etheostoma microperca S2 G5
Niangua darter Etheostoma nianguae T E S2 G2
Bluestripe darter Percina cymatotaenia   S2 G2
Green treefrog Hyla cinerea S3S4 G5
Ringed salamander Ambystoma annulatum S3 G4
Four-toed salamander Hemidactylium scutatum S4 G5
Grotto salamander Typhlotriton spelaeus S3 G4
Eastern collared lizard Crotaphytus collaris collaris S4 G5
Northern scarlet snake Cemophora coccinea copei S2S3 G5T5
Bald eagle Haliaeetus leucocephalus T E S2 G4
Sharp-shinned hawk Accipiter striatus S2 G5
Red-shouldered hawk Buteo lineatus S3 G5
Cooper's hawk Accipiter cooperi S3 G5
Henslow's sparrow Ammodramus henslowii S2 G4
Greater prairie chicken Tympanuchus cupido E S1 G4
Upland sandpiper Bartramia longicauda S3 G5
Great blue heron Ardea herodias S5 G5
Gray bat Myotis grisescens E E S3 G3
Indiana bat Myotis sodalis E E S1 G2
Black-tailed jackrabbit Lepus californicus S1 G5
Eastern woodrat Neotoma floridana S3S4 G5
Cotton mouse Peromyscus gossypinus S2 G5

E=Endangered T=Threatened C=Candidate for listing S1=Critically imperiled in Missouri because of exterme rarity or because some factor(s) make it especially vulnerable to extirpation S2=Imperiled in Missouri because of rarity or because some factor(s) make it very vulnerable to extirpation S3=Rare or uncommon in Missouri S4=Widespread, abundant, and apparently secure in Missouri, but of long-term concern S5=Demonstrably widespread, abundant, and secure in Missouri, and essentially ineradicable under present conditions G1-G5=Relative endangerment for the species worldwide. Numerical categories are similar to S1-S5 above.

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