Table Wq01: Missouri Department of Natural Resources use designations for selected streams within the North Fork Watershed

Missouri Department of Natural Resources use designations for selected streams within the North Fork Watershed (MDNR 1996a). Locations are given in section, township, range format.
Stream Name Class1 Miles *acres From To Designated Use*
Noblett Lake L3 26* 25,26n,11w 25,26n,11w lww,aql,wbc,
Norfork Lake L2 1000* 21n12w 21n12w lww,aql,wbc,btg
Barren Cr. C 4.0 State Line 08,21n,11w lww,aql
Bell Pond Hl. C 1.5 Mouth 32,24n,11w lww,aql
Bennett's Bayou P 6.0 State Line 30,22n,10w lww,aql
Bennett's Bayou C 2.0 30,22n,10w 16,22n,10w lww,aql
Bennett's R. C 4.0 State Line 24,22n,10w lww,aql
Big Gulch C 1.5 Mouth 08,27n,11w lww,aql
Blair Hl. C 1.0 Mouth 01,22n,12w lww,aql
Bollinger Br. C 4.0 Mouth 15,24n,12w lww,aql
Bridges Cr. C 5.0 Mouth 17,22n,11w lww,aql
Brixey Cr. C 2.5 Mouth 17,24n13w lww,aql
Brush Cr. P 7.0 Mouth 11,25n,13w lww,aql
Brush Cr. C 1.5 11,25n,13w 01,25n,13w lww,aql
Bryant Cr. P 13.5 05,22n,12w 03,23n,12w lww,aql,clf,wbc,btg
Bryant Cr. P 1.0 03,23n,12w 34,24n,12w lww,aql,cdf,wbc,btg
Bryant Cr. P 43.0 34,24n,12w 17,27n,15w lww,aql,clf,wbc,btg
Trib. to Bryant C 1.5 Mouth 14,24n,13w lww,aql
Caney Cr. C 7.0 Mouth 05,23N,13W lww,aql
Clifty C 11.0 Mouth 16,27n,12w lww,aql
Crooked Br. C 1.0 Mouth 22,24n,11w lww,aql
Davis C 4.0 Mouth 13,23n,10w lww,aql
Dicky Cr. C 0.5 Mouth 14,26n,15w lww,aql
Dry Cr. C 15.0 Mouth 08,25n,09w lww,aql
Trib. Dry Cr. C 2.0 Mouth 10,25n,09w lww,aql
Trib. Dry Cr. C 4.5 Mouth 20,25n,09w lww,aql
Dry Cr. C 1.5 Mouth 1,24n,13w lww,aql
Fox Cr. P 4.0 Mouth 09,25n,13w lww,aql
Fox Cr. C 5.0 09,25n,13w 29,26n,13w lww,aql
Hagard Cr. C 1.5 Mouth 01,22n,14w lww,aql
Hungry Cr. C 0.5 Mouth 05,27n,11w lww,aql
Hunter Cr. P 9.0 Mouth 06,26n,15w lww,aql,wbc,btg
Hurricane Cr. P 1.5 Mouth 30,24n,12w lww,aql,cdf
Indian Cr. P 10.0 Mouth 35,27n,11w lww,aql
Indian Cr. C 7.5 35,27n,11w 22,27n,10w lww,aql
L. Indian Cr. C 2.5 Mouth 19,27n,10w lww,aql
Lick Br. C 1.5 Mouth 02,24n,10w lww,aql
Lick Cr. P 3.0 Mouth Hwy. J lww,aql,wbc
Lick Cr. P 4.5 Hwy J. 19,22n,12w lww,aql
Lick Cr. C 5.0 19,22n,13w 30,23n,13w lww,aql
Liner Cr. C 1.0 Mouth 09,21n,12w lww,aql
Little Cr. C 5.0 Mouth 17,24n,15w lww,aql
Trib. To Little C 1.0 Mouth 18,24n,15w lww,aql
Little Cr. C 2.0 Mouth 36,22n,14w lww,aql
Lottie Cr. C 0.5 Mouth 35,24n,12w lww,aql
Ludecker Hl. C 1.5 Mouth 04,23n,14w lww,aql
N. Bridges Cr. C 3.0 17,22n,11w 02,22n,11w lww,aql
N. Fk Spring Cr. C 1.0 Mouth 18,22n,14w lww,aql
N. Fk. White R. P 22.0 03,22n,12w 02,24n,12w irr,lww,aql,cdf,wbc,btg
N. Fk. White R. P 28.0 34,25n,11w 17,27n,11w irr,lww,aql,clf,wbc,btg
N. Fk. White R. C 7.0 17,27n,11w 23,28n,12w lww,aql
Trib. N. Fk. White R. C 1.0 Mouth 34,23n,12w lww,aql
Nance Cr. C 0.5 Mouth 15,24n,14w lww,aql
Noblett Cr. P 2.0 Mouth Noblett L. Dam lww,aql
Noblett Cr. P 4.0 24,26n,11w 09,26n,10w lww,aql
Noblett Cr. C 1.0 09,26n,10w 10,26n,10w lww,aql
Panther Cr. C 3.2 Mouth 18,28n,11w lww,aql
Pigeon Cr. C 1.0 State Line 11,21n,13w lww,aql
Pine Cr. P 1.5 Mouth 30,23n,12w lww,aql
Pine Cr. C 9.0 30,23n,12w 02,23n,13w lww,aql
Possum Walk Cr. C 4.0 Mouth 10,21n,13w lww,aql
Prarie Cr. C 3.0 Mouth 03,27n,15w lww,aql
Racoon Hl. C 1.0 Mouth 16,24n,11w lww,aql
Rippee Cr. P 4.5 Mouth 13,25n,15w lww,aql
Rippee Cr. C 2.0 13,25n,15w 14,25n,15w lww,aql
S. Bridges Cr. C 4.0 17,22n,11w 13,22n,11w lww,aql
Sawmill Hl. C 2.0 Mouth 17,24n,11w lww,aql,
Smith Hl. C 1.0 Mouth 30,23n,11w lww,aql
Spring Cr. P 5.0 Mouth 14,23n,11w lww,aql,btg
Spring Cr. P 7.5 14,23n,11w 17,23n,10w lww,aql,wbc,btg,ind
Spring Cr. C 8.0 17,23n,10w 06,23n,09w lww,aql
Spring Cr. P 16.0 Mouth 23,26n,10w lww,aql,btg
Spring Cr. C 2.0 23,26n,10w 12,26n,10w lww,aql
Trib. Spring Cr. C 1.5 Mouth 13,26n,10w lww,aql
Spring Cr. P 6.0 Mouth 06,24n,13w lww,aql,btg
Spring Cr. C 5.0 06,24n,13w 08,24n,13w lww,aql
Sweeten Cr. C 1.0 Mouth 26,22n,13w lww,aql
Sweeten Hl. C 4.0 Mouth 05,24n,11w lww,aql
Tabor Cr. P 5.0 Mouth 09,24n,10w lww,aql
Tabor Cr. C 2.5 09,24n,10w 11,24n,10w lww,aql
Teeter Cr. C 3.0 Mouth 20,25n,14w lww,aql
Trail Cr. C 4.0 Mouth 03,24n,12w lww,aql
Turkey Cr. C 1.5 Mouth 09,26n,15w lww,aql
Weidensaul Hl. C 3.0 Mouth 27,23n,13w lww,aql
Trib. Weidensaul Hl. C 1.0 Mouth 35,23n,13w lww,aql
Whites Cr. C 3.0 Mouth 33,26n,15w lww,aql
Willow Cr. C 2.0 Mouth 18,23n,10w lww,aql

Note: This table is not presented as a final authority. *irr-irrigation clf-cool water fishery lww-livestock & wildlife watering cdf-cold water fishery aql-protection of warm water aquatic life wbc-whole body contact recreation and human health-fish consumption. btg-boating & canoeing dws-drinking water supply ind-industrial 1 L2-Major reservoirs L3-Other lakes which are waters of the state. For effluent regulation purposes, publicly owned lakes are those for which a subtantial portion of the surrounding lands are publicly owned or managed. P-Streams that maintain permanent flow even in drought periods. C-Streams that may cease flow in dry periods but maintain permanent pools which support aquatic life.

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