Table Lu05: Public lands within the North Fork Watershed

Public lands within the North Fork Watershed. For areas only partially within the watershed, total acreage is given in parenthesis. (MDC 1995).
Name Owner1 Acres2 Stream (miles)3
Blair Bridge Access MDC 7.0 0.2
Blueslip Towersite MDC 3.6 (4.6) 0
Cedar Gap CA MDC 384.0 0
Caney Mountain CA MDC 5192.0 (6,674.0) 0
Florence C. Cook Access MDC 4.7 0.4
Hebron Access MDC 12.0 0.3
Mark Twain National Forest USFS 102,365.0 46.2
Norfork Lake USACOE 5,150.0 2.5
Patrick Bridge Access* MDC 161.0 1.1
Rippee CA MDC 418.0 2.5
Shannon Ranch CA MDC 1,325.0 0
Sycamore Access* MDC 16.0 0.3
Tecumseh Towersite MDC 40.0 0
Timber Knob Towersite MDC 40.0 0
Vera Cruz Access MDC 80.0 0.6
Warren Bridge Access* MDC 7.0 0.3
TOTAL - 115,205 54.4

Note: This table is not a final authority. Data subject to change. 1Owner: MDC=Missouri Department of Conservation. USCOE=United States Corps of Engineers. USFS=United States Forest Service. 2Estimates are approximate. 3Permanent Stream (Estimates are approximate.)

*No boat ramp at access.

Key Messages: 

Conservation pays by enriching our economy and quality of life.

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