Table Wq04: Permitted Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) in the Nodaway River basin

Table Wq04: Permitted Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) in the Nodaway River basin.
Facility Name Facility ID County/State Design Pop. Equivalent Animal Units1 Animal Type2 Facility Type3 Location
Ambrose, Robert LA7000206 Nodaway MO 1,100 500 SF 63N-38W-12
Archibald, Charles LA7000239 Andrew MO 315 70 SS 59N-36W-19
Barr, William B. LA7101321 Andrew MO 792 360 SF 61N-37W-12
Blackford, Ercille LA7000205 Nodaway MO 660 300 SF 66N-37W-11
Burnett, Jerry LA7103822 Holt MO 1,950 Unknown SN AE LA 59N-37W-03
Coston, W.F. LA7100048 Nodaway MO 880 400 SF 64N-37W-35
Custer, B. LA7000204 Holt MO 2,613 310 SS 62N-37W-06
Fink and Kurtz Farm LA7000027 Holt MO 440 200 SF AN LA 60N-37W-34
Flangan, Randy LA7000212 Nodaway MO 1,164 152 SS 67N-36W-34
Gresky, Robert LA7000510 Nodaway MO 792 360 SF 65N-37W-26
H.R.S. Farms LA7102907 Holt MO 13,538 967 BF AN LA (2) 63N-37W-20
Hansen, Paul A. Jr. LA7000077 Nodaway MO 550 250 SF 64N-36W-33
Jennings, Donald LA7101720 Andrew MO 376 24 SS AN LA 59N-36W-06
Logsdon, Clifton LA7000192 Nodaway MO 3,075 450 SS 65N-36W-23
Luce, Jim LA7000276 Holt MO 180 40 SS 61N-37W-29
MFA Livestock Assoc. LA7000251 Nodaway MO 506 230 SF AN LA 65N-37W-11
Nelson, Herschel LA7000124 Nodaway MO 830 800 SN 62N-37W-11
Noellsch Stock & Grain LA7000181 Holt MO 1,188 540 SF 60N-38W-13
NWMS Test Station LA7000505 Nodaway MO 528 240 SF 64N-38W-13
Schafer, John LA7000407 Nodaway MO 1,286 212 SS 62N-36W-10
Schafer, Martin LA7000423 Nodaway MO 660 300 SF 63N-36W-35
Tally, Melvin LA7000028 Nodaway MO 440 200 SF 63N-37W-01
Townsend, Dick LA7100735 Andrew MO 924 420 SF 61N-36W-23
Vest, Roger LA7103790 Nodaway MO 2,070 90 SS AN LA CPIT 64N-36W-21
Walker, Mike LA7102687 Andrew MO 175 250 SN 61N-36W-11
Sindt, Kevin Cass IA 3,360* 224,000 swine 74N-36W-10
Cooper, Blake Adams IA 8,100* 540,000 swine 72N-33W-01
Steele, Doug Adair IA 7,560* 504,000 swine 76N-33W-18
Wheeler, Dale Adams IA 28,350* 1,890,000 swine 72N-35W-19
McCarty, Karl Adams IA 4,050* 270,000 swine 72N-33W-13
Rice, Gregory Adams IA 4,050* 270,000 swine 73N-32W-16
West, Gary Adams IA 4,050* 270,000 swine 72N-32W-20

1 - Iowa animal units are reported in pounds of livestock

2 - Swine finishing (SF), Swine nursery (SN), Sows, boars, farrowing (SS) unknown operation type listed by animal.

3 - AE LA - aerobic lagoon, AN LA- anaerobic lagoon, CPIT - concrete pit

* - Based on MDNR conversion methodology where 1000 pounds equals 15 population equivalent units for swine

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