Table Wq01: Water quality classification within the Niangua Watershed.

Table Wq01: Water quality classification and beneficial uses of classified streams and lakes within the Niangua Watershed.
Stream Class Start End Length County Beneficial Use
AB Creek C Mouth 32,37N,18W 3.0 Dallas_Camden W,L
Bank Branch C Mouth 35,37N,17W 5.0 Camden W,L,F
Bannister Hollow C Mouth 36,38N,19W 4.0 Camden W,L,C
Bennett Spring Branch P Mouth Bennett Spring 2.0 Laclede W,L,F,C
Benton Branch P Mouth 11,34N,19W 0.5 Dallas W,L
Benton Branch C 11,34N,19W 11,34N,19W 1.0 Dallas W,L
Broadus Branch C Mouth 15,37N,18W 1.5 Camden W,L
Cahoochie Creek C Mouth 9,36N,20W 4.0 Dallas W,L
Cat Hollow C Mouth 33,35N,18W 2.0 Dallas W,L
Cave Creek C Mouth 14,34N,18W 3.0 Dallas W,L
Coatney Creek P Mouth 15,36N,19W 2.0 Dallas W,L
Dousinbury Creek P Mouth 17,33N,18W 3.5 Dallas W,L
Dousinbury Creek C 17,33N,18W 15,33N,18W 2.0 Dallas W,L
Durington Creek C Mouth 06,34N,19W 4.0 Dallas W,L
E. Fork Niangua River C 33,32N,18W 25,31N,18W 6.0 Webster W,L,R
Fiery Fork C Mouth 36,39N,19W 2.0 Camden W,L
Fourmile Creek C Mouth 29,34N,18W 5.0 Dallas W,L
Goose Creek C Mouth 15,32N,18W 3.0 Dallas W,L
Gower Branch C Mouth 09,32N,19W 2.0 Dallas W,L
Greasy Creek P Mouth 31,34N,19W 4.0 Dallas W,L,F
Greasy Creek C 31,34N,19W 11,32N,20W 10.5 Dallas W,L,F
Greer Creek C Mouth 25,32N,19W 3.0 Webster W,L
Halsey Hollow C Mouth 2,35N,18W 2.0 Dallas W,L
Jakes Creek C Mouth 24,35N,19W 10.0 Dallas W,L
Jarvis Hollow C Mouth 23,38N,17W 1.5 Camden W,L
Jerktail Branch C Mouth 11,34N,19W 0.5 Dallas W,L
Jones Branch C Mouth 32,33N,19W 3.0 Dallas W,L
Judge Creek C Mouth 19,36N,19W 3.0 Dallas W,L
Kolb Branch C Mouth 2,38N,19W 2.0 Camden W,L
Little Niangua River P Mouth 26,36N,19W 43.0 Camden_Dallas W,L,R,B,O
Little Niangua River C 26,36N,19W 20,35N,19W 7.0 Dallas W,L,R,B,O
Long Branch C Mouth 33,37N,19W 3.0 Camden W,L
Macks Creek P Mouth Hwy. 54 8.0 Camden W,L
Macks Creek C Hwy. 54 23,37N,19W 2.5 Camden W,L
Mill Creek P Mouth 9,36N,18W 1.5 Dallas W,L,C,R
Mill Creek P 9,36N,18W 8,36N,18W 1.5 Dallas W,L
Mountain Creek P Mouth 23,35N,17W 6.0 Laclede W,L
Niangua River P Mouth Power Plant 5.0 Camden W,L,R,B
Niangua River C Power Plant Tunnel Dam 6.0 Camden W,L,R,B
Niangua River P Dallas County Line 11,35N,18W 24.0 Dallas W,L,R,B,F
Niangua River P 11,35N,18W Bennett Spring Branch 6.0 Dallas W,L,R,B,F,C
Niangua River P Bennett Spring Branch 33,32N,18W 51.0 Dallas-Webster W,L,R,B,F
Lake Niangua L3 35,37N,18W 360 Ac Camden W,L,R,B
Lake Of The Ozarks L2 SE 19,40N,15W 59520 Ac Camden W,L,R,B
Prairie Hollow P Mouth 04,37N,18W 7.0 Camden W,L
Sarah Branch C Mouth 01,32N,18W 3.0 Webster W,L
Spencer Creek C Mouth 14,37N,17W 2.0 Camden W,L
Spring Hollow C Bennett Sprg 27,34N,17W 10.0 Laclede W,L
Starvey Creek C Mouth 15,32N,18W 3.0 Dallas W,L
Sweet Hollow C Mouth 27,36N,17W 3.0 Laclede W,L
Thomas Creek C Mouth 3,35N,20W 7.0 Hickory_Dallas W,L
Trib W. Fork. Niangua R. P Mouth 19,31N,18W 1.5 Webster W,L
Trib Mill Creek C Mouth 14,37N,15W 1.5 Camden W,L
Trib Greasy Creek C Mouth 33,33N,20W 1.0 Dallas W,L
Trib Lake Niangua C Mouth 19,37N,17W 1.0 Camden W,L
Trib Macks Creek C Mouth 6,37N,18W 1.0 Camden W,L
Trib Niangua River C Mouth 17,37N,17W 1.0 Camden W,L
Trib Thomas Creek C Mouth 26,36N,20W 0.5 Dallas W,L
Tunas Branch C Mouth 33,36N,19W 3.0 Dallas W,L
W. Fork Niangua River P 33,32N,18W 33,31N,18W 7.0 Webster W,L
Woolsey Creek C Mouth 5,36N,17W 4.0 Camden_Laclede W,L,R,B

Class: C - Streams which may cease flow in dry periods but maintain permanent pools which support aquatic life.

P - Streams that maintain permanent flow even in drought periods.

L2 - Major reservoirs.

L3 - Other lakes.

Beneficial Use: I - irrigation of cropland.

W - watering for livestock and wildlife.

L - protection of aquatic life.

C - cold-water fishery.

R - whole-body-contact recreation.

B - boating and canoeing with limited body contact.

D - drinking water supply.

P - industrial processing or cooling water.

O - Outstanding state resource.

F - cool-water fishing.

Key Messages: 

Conservation pays by enriching our economy and quality of life.

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