Table Hy06: Losing stream segments within the Niangua Watershed

Table Hy06: Losing stream segments within the Niangua Watershed with reference map, location, and length.
Site Number Stream Counties Topographic Map Length Legal Start Legal End
D001 Libby Hollow Camden Green Bay Terrace 2.0 SESWSE 15,38N,17W NESWSW 2,38N,17W
D002 Prairie Hollow Camden Barnumton 2.0 NWNWNW 27,38N,18W NWNENW 14,38N,18W
D003 Racetrack Hollow Camden Decaturville Hahatonka 5.5 NENWNW 9,37N,16W SWSWNW 35,38N,17W
D004 Racetrack Hollow Camden Camdenton or Decaturville-Hahatonka 1.5 SWSENW 25,38N,17W SWSWNW 35,38N,17W
D005 Bennett Spring Branch Laclede Dallas Bennett Springs 10.8 NENENE 34,34N,17W SENENE 1,34N,18W
D006 Dogwood Hollow and trib Laclede Phillipsburg- Bennett Springs 2.5 NWNWSE 32,34N,17W NENWNW 21,34N,17W
D007 Trib to Dousinbury Creek Laclede Dallas Phillipsburg 3.1 SESWSE 8,33N,17W SWNWSE 12,33N,18W
D008 Mountain Creek Laclede Lebanon- Eldridge West 7.6 NENENW 31,35N,16W SWSESW 4,35N,17W
D009 Dousinbury Creek Laclede Dallas Phillipsburg 2.0 NESENE 18,33N,17W SWNWSE 12,33N,18W
D010 Trib to Woodward Hollow Laclede Lebanon- Bennett Springs 3.8 SESE 1,34N,17W SENWSE 4,34N,17W
D011 Woodward Hollow Laclede Bennett Springs 6.8 SWSENW 11,34N,17W NWSWNW 6,34N,17W
D012 Woolsey Creek Laclede Camden Eldridge East- Hahatonka 10.0 SWSESE 24,36N,17W SWNENE 36,37N,18W
D013 East Fork Webster Beach 1.0 NWNENW 3,31N,18W SENESW 33,32N,18W
D014 Givins Branch Webster Beach 3.6 SWSWNW 1,31N,19W SESWNW 29,32N,18W
D015 Hawk Pond Branch Webster Beach 2.1 NWNENE 35,32N,19W NWSWSW 19,32N,18W
D016 Niangua River Webster Beach 0.4 SENESW 33,32N,18W SESWNW 33,32N,18W
D017 West Fork Webster Beach 0.9 NESWNW 4,31N,18W SENESW 33,32N,18W
D018 West Fork Webster Beach 0.4 NWNWSE 28,31N,18W NWSENW 28,31N,18W
D019 Trib to West Fork Webster Beach 0.5 NESENE 28,31N,18W SWSWNE 28,31N,18W

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