Table Bc06: Crayfish species collected in the Niangua Watershed

Table Bc06: Crayfish species collected in the Niangua Watershed.
Common Name Scientific Name Federal Status State Status State Rank Global Rank
Northern crayfish Orconectes virilis
Golden crayfish Orconectes luteus
Salem cave crayfish Cambarus hubrichti S3 G4
Devil crayfish Cambarus diogenes
Grassland crayfish Procambarus gracilis

1 Introduced species

Federal Status

E = Endangered

T = Threatened

C = Candidate for listing

* = Formerly listed as C2 (candidate for listing). This category was dropped in 1996.

E = Endangered

NOTE: All other classifications were dropped in 1998.

State Rank

Numerical rank of relative indangerment for the species within the state based on the number of known occurrences.

S1 = Critically imperiled in the state because of extreme rarity or because of some factor(s) making it especiallly vulnerable to extirpation from the state.

S2 = Imperiled in the state because of rarity or because some factor(s) making it very vulnerable to extirpation from the state.

S3 = Rare or uncommon in the state.

S4 = Widespread, abundant, and apparently secure in the state, but of long-term concern.

S5 = Demonstrably widespread, abundant, and secure in the state, and essentially eradicable under present conditions.

S#S# =Indicates range of uncertainty of the exact numerical ranking for the species.

? = denotes ranking which is uncertain.

Global Rank

Numerical ranking of relative endangerment for the species worldwide. The categories are similar to those listed above for State Rank.

Key Messages: 

Conservation pays by enriching our economy and quality of life.

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